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Surf Your Wave. 

Announcing TheBounce.NET

January 1, 2023.


About two years ago, Bounce Networks was created. The goal was simple: to become the pulse of popular culture. To achieve this, we set up a non-stop online radio station with a dozen of shows that spun some of the best records from around the globe. We also created an exclusive, tell-all vodcast that put popular TV personality Ebuka in a pitch black box about the size of an ice cream truck with some of the most distinguished celebrities in and outside of the country.


But as time went on and we grew, we realized that the culture was much more. In response, we created Bside Magazine, our editorial arm that covers everything from music to politics to lifestyle. We also created The Grid and Bounce Sports, our digital online platforms that provide up to date coverage on global technology and sports news respectively. We extended our reach to several parts of the culture and we thought to ourselves: why not tie all these in a neat bow?



So come January 1, 2023, we’re reaffirming our commitment to being the pulse of the culture by launching launching our new dedicate platform, your one stop shop for all things music, film, sports, technology and everything in between. The new website would house every single one of our existing products, the new ones and forthcoming exclusives. There’s a lot to see, so gently surf your wave with Pun intended. 


“This is the next frontier in the expansion of our media ecosystem as digital is a strong part of our DNA. Bounce has grown tremendously in the last 24 months and a dedicated digital content publishing platform that’ll warehouse all our products and services within the media space to support our cultural dominance is what we are expanding into. It’s all part of Bounce’s plan and I truly hope our fans, lovers and followers will enjoy this new platform from us” said Olamide Adedeji, founder of Bounce Networks.