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Meet the DJs Playing at the Second Edition of No Doubt Party

The night promises to be incredibly entertaining and fun.

  • 16th March 2023

Cue the the drumroll. The second edition of our party series No Doubt is coming on the 24th of March at Danfo Bistro Rooftop. The night promises to be incredibly entertaining and fun, with a lineup of 6 diverse DJs who would all be taking us on an entrancing sonic trip. Learn more about the DJ’s below:





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Ayizan is a London-born, genre-fluid DJ currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. She has been a DJ since 2017 but a selector for many years prior. Her passion for music spans decades of soul, funk, disco, and the more modern future beats, afrobeats and baile funk. Her sound is a deliberate mixture of music from around the world with different flavours, coming together in one delicious blend creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere that leaves her audience captivated. Her magnetic stage presence and dedication to her craft have taken her to some of the world’s most prestigious music festivals and clubs. With her boundless energy and passion for music, she continues to inspire and entertain audiences wherever she goes.





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IMJ is a Lagos based DJ/Artist who began DJing professionally in 2015, discovering his music mainly from youtube, and boiler room shows. His unique style caters to lovers of house music, electronic and underground music. He uses uses the art of DJing to express the multifarious dimensions of his creativity and personality. Playing raves at large capacity warehouses/venues. Delivering peak-hour upbeat dance music inspired by International DJs/Producers like; Fisher and Mochakk.


IMJ has headlined shows like POPPED Lagos amongst other local electronic dance music events. Co-founder of PARTYCREED; a collective celebrating art in it’s purest form, while bringing people together to create a good sense of community within a niche.





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A post shared by Trillo (@trillxoe_)


Trill Xoe is a talented music producer and DJ hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. With a passion for music that started at a young age, Trill Xoe has spent years honing his craft and perfecting his sound. As a producer, he has released a number of successful tracks in the Alternative & Hip-Hop genre, earning recognition from fans and industry professionals alike. In addition to his work in the studio, Trill Xoe is also a skilled DJ who knows how to get a crowd moving. He has played at some of the hottest clubs and festivals in the world, always delivering a high-energy set that keeps the party going all night long. His ability to seamlessly blend different genres and styles of music sets them apart from other DJs in the scene.





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CAM, aka Dj Camron, is a multi-talented Disc Jockey and part of a popular music band in Lagos called ‘Lagos Panic’. He is an artist in every sense of the word, creating amazing music; spinning and transforming music to suit the audience’s vibe. In the past, he created a community/movement in Toronto, Canada, called AfroRave, centred around exploring the combination of African-oriented music and global sounds.





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Catherine, professionally known as Champ, started dj’ing in 2016. Her love for dj’ing sprouted from her childhood years even though there was little representation for female djs back then. She’s honed her craft over the years and has gone on to headline several shows including Big Brother Naija “Level Up” season, Mainland Block Party, Live Lounge, Sabor, etc. While she can be recognised as a disc jockey whose music taste traverses different genres, she pay special attention to Afrobeats with an infusion of Street-pop. 





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Jamie Black is a dance music artiste, DJ and producer from Lagos, Nigeria. Popularly known for his re-imagination of our favorite Afrobeats songs with his AfroEDM remixes, his high energy and his electronic sound. His fusion of Afrobeats and electronic dance music makes him one of the most unique artistes in the country.





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A post shared by Čalix Jiggy ???? (@calix.vss)


calix.vss is a dj/producer who is a co founder of Nocturne Music and has contributed to the growth of the dance music culture in Lagos. His style is influenced by electronic elements and future blends .

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