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Talented Singer, Nissi, Shares Sophomore EP, ‘Unboxed’

In a world that often attempts to squeeze individuals into small boxes, Nissi’s EP is a defiant declaration of selfhood.

  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 11th October 2023
Talented Singer, Nissi, Shares Sophomore EP, ‘Unboxed

London-based Nigerian music sensation, Nissi, has arrived with her sophomore EP, Unboxed. With an array of talented producers by her side, including TSB, Killertunes, Telz, etc, Nissi creates an interesting 7-track project. The EP’s lead single, “Nobody,” featuring Fireboy DML, has already crossed 4 million streams and received critical acclaim.



The underlying message of
Unboxed is one of self-acceptance, spurring listeners to break free from societal constraints and embrace their true selves. The opening track, “Heavy,” immediately strikes a poignant chord, serving as an earnest homage to the enduring bonds of friendship. It’s a delicate prelude for what’s to come. Yet, it’s with “Higher” that Nissi ignites the EP’s ignition. The track bursts forth, pumped with Amapiano rhythms that give it an energetic pulse, complete with Nissi’s soulful vocals and impassioned delivery. She encourages us to embrace self-belief, to revel in life’s exhilarating highs while courageously facing its inevitable lows. 


Nissi describes the project as a canvas of different colors and sounds. Each track unveils a new facet of her emotions, and through her music, she provides a roadmap for self-discovery. In her words, “In this project, I’m blending sounds and styles. Every song is a stroke of different colours on a canvas, revealing new dimensions of my emotions. The lyrics I share are a roadmap for discovering my true self. Through my music, I’m raising my voice about embracing every fragment of who I am, and I’m saying to everyone listening to this EP, ‘You can do this too!’ It’s about finding your unique rhythm. It’s time for us to be ourselves, and that feels unbelievably empowering.” With a rich blend of musical styles, each track unveils a unique emotion, reflecting Nissi’s multifaceted personality. Her artistry, evident throughout the project, champions the values of self-discovery and self-acceptance.


“Overthinking” presents itself as a soothing balm for the restless mind, offering a serene moment of introspection. As Nissi sings, “Cause I just need healing / To stop overthinking,” her lyrics easily resonate with anyone who has ever grappled with the complexities of their own mind. In contrast, “Unwind” washes over the listener like a gentle breeze, a reminder to seek balance and relaxation in a world that often demands ceaseless hustle. Its soothing melody and Nissi’s tender vocals can offer respite from the daily grind.


“Thunder,” is an audacious declaration of empowerment. On this record, Teni joins Nissi to challenge societal norms and encourage unrestrained self-expression. “There’ll be no judging… / There’s always something / To steal your peace of mind / So tonight let’s party / Free your mind,” Nissi urges. It’s an anthem that resonates with those who dare to be different and unapologetically themselves. The track embodies the EP’s overarching message of liberation.


Finally, the EP concludes with “Gloves,” a soulful rendition that touches on the beauty of connections formed amidst personal imperfections. Nissi’s vocals glide over a backdrop of gentle instrumentation that enhances its theme.


In a world that often attempts to squeeze individuals into small boxes, Nissi’s EP is a defiant declaration of selfhood. It’s a call for all of us to break free from the constraints of conformity. Nissi’s message is clear: it’s time to unbox and celebrate the beauty of living authentically.

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