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Andy Murray Announces Retirement Plans for Summer 2024

Murray was speaking after losing in straight sets to Ugo Humbert in Dubai. “I’m likely not going to play past this summer.”

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 4th March 2024

Three-time Grand Slam champion, Andy Murray, has confirmed that he is likely to retire from tennis after this summer. The 36-year-old British tennis star has had a challenging start to the 2024 season, facing setbacks and struggling to find his form on the court.


In his most recent match at the Dubai Open, Murray was outclassed by Ugo Humbert, resulting in a 6-2, 6-4 loss. This defeat, among others, has led Murray to reflect on the future of his tennis career.



Speaking in Dubai, Murray expressed his likelihood of not playing past this summer, stating, 


“Yeah, I mean, I’m likely not going to play past this summer.


“I get asked about it after every single match that I play, every single tournament that I play. I’m bored of the question, to be honest. I’m not going to talk more about that between now and whenever the time comes for me to stop. But yeah, I don’t plan on playing much past this summer.”


Despite facing inquiries about his retirement after every match and tournament, Murray seems resolved in his decision.


Murray’s farewell summer is expected to include appearances at Wimbledon, the Paris Olympics (if selected for the Great Britain team), and the French Open. While Murray has typically prioritized preparing for the grass season over competing at the French Open, he is considering a return to Roland-Garros, where he made the final in 2016.


Reflecting on his decision to play at the French Open potentially, Murray emphasized his appreciation for the tournament and the opportunity to compete on clay. He acknowledged that despite focusing on grass preparation in recent years, he would like to participate in the French Open again.



“Probably, yeah,” he said about playing at the French Open.


“Last few years I’ve tried to give myself maybe better preparation for the grass season, but that also doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to play really well on the grass.


“I’ve had experiences through my career where I didn’t play the French Open in 2013 and I won Wimbledon. I also played the French Open and did really well in 2016.


“I don’t think it makes a huge difference if you get an extra week’s practice or so on the grass. So yeah, I would like to play one more time.”


Moreover, Murray’s interest in playing at the French Open is not solely driven by the proximity of the Olympic tennis event. He expressed a genuine fondness for the tournament and highlighted the importance of gaining match experience on clay surfaces.


Murray’s desire to compete at the Olympics one more time is evident, considering his previous successes as a two-time singles gold medalist in London 2012 and Rio 2016

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