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Meet LeBron James’ Son: Bronny James – Basketball Journey, Stats, and More

Bronny James: USC Trojans’ basketball star and McDonald’s All-American recruit, son of NBA Legend LeBron James.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 6th October 2023
Meet LeBron James' Son: Bronny James – Basketball Journey, Stats, and More

LeBron Raymone James Jr., also known as Bronny, isn’t your typical teenager. This 18-year-old, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on October 6, 2004, is already a household name outside of basketball. Bronny James’ path is an inspiring tale of talent, dreams, and tenacity. He is the son of NBA great LeBron James and Savannah James. BOUNCE takes a closer look at the life of this outstanding young athlete.


Early Life and Family


Bronny’s parents, LeBron and Savannah, have been together since their high school days in Akron, Ohio. Despite becoming parents at a very young age, they’ve created a loving and supportive family, which includes Bronny, his younger brother Bryce Maximus, and his little sister Zhuri. This close-knit family has been the bedrock of Bronny’s upbringing, instilling in him essential values and fostering his passion for basketball.



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Basketball Roots


Growing up with one of the greatest basketball players of all time as his father, it’s no surprise that Bronny developed a deep love for the game. He first gained attention as a basketball player at Sierra Canyon School, where he spent his high school years. As a freshman, he showcased his skills, contributing 4.1 points per game and impressing everyone with his potential.


A knee injury temporarily sidelined Bronny during his sophomore year, but he came back stronger than ever during his junior season, leading Sierra Canyon to the regional final with 8.8 points, 3.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.9 steals per game. His senior year was even more remarkable, with improved numbers of 14.2 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 1.8 steals per game. His exceptional performance earned him a spot in the prestigious McDonald’s All-American Game.


USC Trojans Commitment


As per the NBA‘s current rules, players cannot declare for the draft right after high school. They must either play a year of college basketball or spend a year in another organized basketball league.



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This led Bronny to make the exciting decision to join the USC Trojans at the University of Southern California. While he couldn’t enter the NBA draft immediately, he’s undoubtedly a prospect to watch for the future.


Rising Star


Bronny James has consistently risen through the ranks. Although he might not hold the highest ranking in his class, he’s arguably the most famous. His journey began with 247Sports and ESPN rating him as a four-star recruit and a top-30 player in the 2023 class. As his senior year progressed, his rankings across various boards steadily climbed, showcasing his dedication and hard work.


Bronny’s Offers and Scholarships


Bronny’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. Offers and letters of interest from renowned college basketball programs began pouring in when he was just 10 years old. In 2016, he had scholarship offers from prestigious institutions like Duke and Kentucky. His journey to USC was marked by several universities vying for his talents, including Ohio State and Oregon.



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Challenges and Recovery


Bronny’s path has not been without its challenges. In July 2023, he faced a frightening moment when he experienced a cardiac arrest during a basketball practice with the USC Trojans. Fortunately, he received swift medical attention and was soon discharged from the hospital. According to a family statement, he has a congenital heart defect, which will be treated, and they are confident in his full recovery.

Beyond the Court

Bronny James is not just a basketball prodigy; he’s also known for his off-court interests. Bronny’s Instagram boasts a remarkable 7.6 million followers.


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