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Following the sequence of remarkable, record-breaking hits which propelled Asake’s career in 2022, the immensely talented singer actively returns to the music scene and to the top of the charts with the fresh delivery of a new single, “Yoga”. With “Yoga”, Asake takes a different sonic path to the heart of his fans — in fact, going as far as recruiting an even larger number of fans from the general populace. Magicsticks, as usual, handles the masterful production which melds rhythmically with Asake’s vocals. “Yoga” takes on the percussive elements of African folk music with the mixture of different genres such as sakara, apala, juju, aro, fuji, gudugudu and highlife. 


Asake simultaneously dropped the song with a 2-minute visuals that reimagines the rich culture of the Senegalese tribe. Like most bodies of work in Asake’s catalog, its meaning is much deeper than a simple portrayal of the tribe. From the initial image of Asake — who is angled in a meditative posture that is symbolic of the title of the song — followed by a choral group garbed in traditional attires and the gyrating forms of a few masquerades, the video exhibits a cultural motif that guarantees that it will be an unforgettable visual experience. This is precisely what is quintessential about Asake’s artistry: his ability to infuse several elements from different African cultures to produce and present a coherent, unique knockout.


Asake’s discography and career has always centered and advocated for the single-minded continuity of hardwork. He preaches: “Be focused on your hustle!” Whether it’s beseeching the benevolence of a divine, spiritual being or unabashedly speaking on the importance of purposefully staying true to one’s craft, the singer has unquestionably informed the way society at large views diligence. This notion is part of what Asake amplifies in “Yoga”. Through the lyrics of the song, Asake tells us that even though his enemies are numerous, he is big on prioritizing his peace of mind. The single can be interpreted as Asake’s way of sharing his mood for 2023:

Make nobody kill my yoga, yoga


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