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Johnny Drille has released the video of his new single, “The Best Part.” It is a visually stunning piece where Johnny skillfully portrays a heartwarming love story.


The video features Mavin Records director of A&R and senior associate of Kupanda Capital, Rima Tahini, who Don Jazzy confirmed to be Johnny Drille’s spouse after a private wedding that took place in January 2022.


From breathtaking landscapes to cozy interiors, the video paints a vivid picture of the couple’s journey from the initial stages of their relationship to the ultimate climax of marriage. 
The chemistry between Johnny Drille and his partner is palpable, adding authenticity and depth to the video. Their on-screen performances exude pure joy, playfulness, and tenderness.


Johnny Drille’s artistry shines through, and his ability to convey emotions with authenticity is commendable.


The video was directed by Folarin Oludare.


Watch “The Best Part” video here:



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