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Vector released his new album, Teslim, in November 2022 to a decent reception. He continues to take us on a lyrical ride with his metaphorical kickflips and wordplay. The veteran carries the same vim that brought him to great heights, and his album title  – which is an acronym for The Energy Still Lives in Me – is a pointer to that. He uses Teslim to break a 4-year silence on releases, with his last project coming in 2019.


He tapped up Ladipoe for the song, “Clowns”. Together, the rap boys carved out introspective lyrics that are carried by the dexterity of their wordplay. In the accompanying visuals of the project, “Clowns” gives off a vibe similar to Pusha T’s “Diet Coke” video – something minimalistic but still aesthetically pleasing. One can do a lot with just a white background, a sofa, nice styling and pleasing video effects.


Check out the video below:



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