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Apple Music Introduces Collaborative Playlists Feature and More

These updates, part of the iOS 17 release, introduce collaborative playlists, SharePlay integration in the car, and several other exciting features.  

  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 1st February 2024
Apple Music

Apple Music has recently unveiled a series of updates aimed at enhancing the overall listening experience for its subscribers. These updates, part of the iOS 17 release, introduce collaborative playlists, SharePlay integration in the car, and several other exciting features.


One of the most notable additions is the introduction of collaborative playlists, which allow users to team up with friends and family to curate playlists together.


Collaborative Playlist


Despite initial testing during early iOS 17.2 betas, the feature was temporarily removed due to unresolved bugs. However, it has now been reintroduced with the latest update, enabling users to invite others to select and edit tracks.



Collaborative Playlist feature



Another significant enhancement is the integration of SharePlay in the car, which facilitates seamless group listening sessions. When using Apple Music in the car, trusted iPhone devices automatically suggest joining the session, allowing listeners to control the music from their own devices, regardless of their subscription status. This feature enhances the collaborative aspect of music listening, making it easier for users to share and enjoy music together.


Additionally, Apple Music introduces continuity camera for an immersive Sing experience, enabling users to see themselves onscreen and apply new camera filters while singing along to their favorite tunes. This feature adds a layer of interactivity and fun to the singing experience, enhancing user engagement and enjoyment.


Users can also mark songs as favorites and easily find them in a dedicated playlist, streamlining the process of accessing favorite tracks. Furthermore, Apple Music introduces personalised playlists with cover art templates, suggested songs tailored to users’ preferences for music discovery, and comprehensive song credits to learn more about the artists behind their favorite tracks.


The update also includes gapless playback with crossfade between songs for a seamless listening experience and the ability to add Apple Music widgets to the home screen for easy access to personalised recommendations and top charts.




Suggested Songs simplifies and enhances music discovery, while the Now Playing feature showcases album art in a full-screen. Song Credits provide comprehensive data about the artists behind tracks, while Users can also crossfade between songs and add Apple Music widgets to the Home Screen, offering quick access to personalised top picks, friend playlists, recommended New Releases or Top Charts.


These updates to Apple Music aim to enhance user engagement, personalization, and enjoyment. With these additions, Apple Music reaffirms its commitment to providing a rich and immersive music experience for its subscribers.

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