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The Pick: DJ Tunez and D3an Take Us on a Trip To “Santorini”

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  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 18th January 2023
DJ Tunez and D3an

2023 is one of those years where early releases are few and far between. Artists may be biding their time, figuring out their strategies, and whatnot. DJ Tunez and D3an, however, have done otherwise. The duo have put together the third installment of their mini-project series, titled International Arrivals. As pointed out earlier, this is not their first rodeo. The duo has previously worked on several projects together. Their first effort together came in 2020, when they put out the dance-inspired Love Language, vol. 1 which featured the likes of Efya and Onosz. Since then, they have collaborated frequently, putting out two installments of International Arrivals in 2022.


The latest version sees the duo take us on another set of trips. Through their music, they have taken us to “London”, “Amsterdam”, “Los Angeles”, “Las Vegas” and “Miami”. 2023 sees them take us to “Paris”, “New York City”, and of course “Santorini”, which is the standout track on International Arrivals, vol. 3.


House music is special because it coats the atmosphere with hazy sounds that carry several elements and influences with it. The trumpets on “Santorini” bring a heightened sense of escapism to already-dreamy melodies, giving you a feeling like you’re on a vacation that you wish never ended. DJ Tunez and D3an have mastered that craft since the days of “Lullaby” by immersing you in a sound that reminds you of a place you might have never been.


Even at 7 minutes, “Santorini” still engrosses you into its incredibly sweet melodies. The combination of the drums and trumpets keeps you in a constant head-bopping state, and it sets a calm, neutral vibe that could serve as the soundtrack of vacations or housewarming events. DJ Tunez and D3an continue to take us on trips and give mental experiences with sweet-sounding music.


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