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Summer Style Essentials: Shoes Edition

Step up your Summer 2024 footwear game with strappy sandals, modern loafers, and other shoes. Find must-have styles and where to buy them.

  • Ebube Okereke
  • 20th June 2024
Shoes for Summer

Schools are out of session and some IJGBs are getting ready to come back to the motherland. Summer 2024 is here! It’s time to step up your shoe game with the latest trends. This season, the spotlight is on strappy sandals and minimalist designs, while classic styles like loafers and mules make a chic comeback with contemporary twists. These trends showcase the creativity and diversity within the footwear industry, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every taste and occasion. Whether you favor timeless elegance or are eager to experiment with bold and unique patterns, embrace the new season with confidence and style in the hottest shoes.

Here’s a list of the footwear your wardrobe must possess to be a member of the cool kids club this summer. You’ll also find the brands you can buy them from as well.





Combining height with comfort, platforms are a must-have this summer. They give you confidence and also help make a statement that pairs well with both casual and dressy outfits. They come in different styles, shapes and sizes.Whether you want to rise above, stand out from the crowd, or keep your distance, this footwear has you covered.

You can get a cute pair from Fit Feets on Instagram.





Slingbacks are also a summer must-have, combining style and comfort with their chic heel strap. Perfect for any occasion, these versatile shoes can elevate a sundress or add flair to tailored trousers. Stay cool and fashionable this summer with the effortless charm of slingbacks.

You can get a pair from 24 Heelz NG on Instagram.


Mary Janes



Mary Janes combine a high-fashion aesthetic with ease, making them a timeless summer staple. With their signature strap and versatile designs, they easily transition from casual outings to dressier events. Pair them with anything from playful skirts to sleek trousers for a stylish, comfortable look all summer long.


Grandpa Sandals



Grandpa sandals blend high-fashion aesthetics with unmatched comfort, making them a summer essential. These once unfashionable sandals are making a comeback this summer. Their chunky, retro-inspired design offers support and style, perfect for both casual outings and trendy ensembles. Pair them with anything from breezy dresses to tailored shorts for a stylish, clean and comfortable look all season long.

You can get a pair from The Muji Label on Instagram.


Florals on Shoes



Florals are making a vibrant comeback this summer in the shoe department, blending high-fashion aesthetics with timeless charm. These once-overlooked designs are now essential for a fresh, stylish wardrobe. Wherever you’re at. The most stylish person in the room has flowers on their shoes. Perfect for everything from casual outings to elegant events, florals add a touch of elegance and fun. Pair them with anything from denim shorts to flowy skirts for a standout look all season long.

You can get beautiful flowers to adorn your shoes from Cute Girl Express on Instagram.


Metallics on Shoes



Metallic shoes are making a bold comeback this summer, combining high-fashion aesthetics with a touch of glam. These once-overlooked designs are now essential for a modern, stylish wardrobe. Metallic shoes add a dazzling finish to any outfit. Pair them with sleek trousers and a statement necklace for an evening out.

You can get a pair from Shoes By Flora on Instagram


Low Profile Sneakers



Once you slip into a pair, you’d wonder how you ever lived without them. These understated shoes are perfect for everyday wear, from running errands to meeting friends for brunch. Pair them with your favorite jeans and a graphic tee for a laid-back weekend look. Low-profile sneakers effortlessly combine fashion and functionality, ensuring you stay comfortable and on-trend wherever your day takes you.




Loafers (Shoes) for Summer



Loafers are a timeless choice this summer, effortlessly blending classic sophistication with casual comfort. These versatile shoes are perfect for a variety of occasions, from work meetings to weekend outings. Pair them with tailored trousers and a crisp blouse for a polished office look, or with denim shorts and a breezy blouse for brunch. Loafers combine style and ease, making them an essential wardrobe staple that transitions seamlessly from day to night effortlessly.

You can get a sleek pair of loafers from Garm Formal on Instagram.




Mules As Shoes for Summer


Mules are definitely a staple this summer, seamlessly blending sophistication with comfort. These slip-on shoes are adaptable and easy to wear, making them perfect for both casual outings and more dressed-up occasions. Pair them with cropped jeans and a casual top for a fashionable everyday look, or with a flowy midi dress and statement jewelry for a dinner date or evening event. Mules offer a modern twist on classic charm, ensuring you achieve a polished appearance wherever you go this season.

You can get this from Shop Etanyobe on Instagram




Mesh Shoes for Summer


The summer footwear trend that’s taken the fashion crowd by their literal heels? Mesh shoes. These breathable and lightweight kicks are making waves for their comfort and contemporary style. Perfect for warm weather, they pair effortlessly with shorts and a tank top for a laid-back day at the beach, or with a sporty dress for an active outdoor outing. Mesh shoes offer a modern twist on casual footwear, ensuring you stay cool and fashionable throughout the summer season.


In conclusion, this summer’s shoe essentials offer a diverse range of styles and trends to suit every taste and occasion. There’s a perfect pair for all your summer rocks. Whether you’re aiming for comfort, elegance, or a bit of both, these footwear options ensure you step out in style wherever the vibe takes you. Once your hair and your shoes are bomb, you’re good to go. Embrace these trends to elevate your wardrobe and make a statement with every step.


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