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Suté Iwar Is At His Most Complete

At this point in his career, Suté Iwar is ready to make the step up.

  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 9th February 2023

The Abuja scene has developed mercurial talents that have lit up the Nigerian music scene. Alté music, the colloquial name for Nigeria’s alternative scene, has contributed to the overall growth of what we know Afrobeats to be. Without the risks taken through alté, Afrobeats wouldn’t have a set of foolproof techniques that it could borrow from. For instance, Tay Iwar’s experimental exploits earned him new-found respect and recognition as a bridge between alté and mainstream. 


Experimentation occurs in all genres on the scene. It is always possible to invent a new take on familiar sounds. Rap maverick, Suté Iwar has grown through these experiments that are fueled by his experiences shuttling between Abuja and London. The last time I connected with him for an interview, he was fresh off the release of his 2019 LP, Paradise, which saw Suté at his most fluid. He primarily finds solace in that space between what you think rap music should sound like and what his mind reveals to him.



At this point in his carer, Suté Iwar is ready to make the step up. The quest to find a balance between staying true to himself and attaining accessibility to everyone asks that he stretch his creative boundaries. This has led him to put together his latest project, Ultralight.


Fortunately, I got a sneak peek of the project and gain some insight into what is on Suté’s mind nowadays. Ultralight sees the Benue native rap about raunchy rendezvouses, love and what really makes him happy. He displays wholesomeness that can only come with time and experience. The loverboy-cum-wiseman trope is consistent with Suté’s brand as he explores new shades of old rhythms.



When quizzed about the state of the project, Suté revealed that the project is finished and on the way. Does he believe it is his best project yet? Yes he does. “This is also my most balanced project,” he tells me. “Experiencing a richer life, [and] feeling good helps with the clarity of the music. The interactions with people are all positive and I’ve felt better about myself. That translated into the music.”



Through Paradise to 199X, Suté has transitioned between different approaches to experimental rap music. On Ultralight he aims to put more pieces of the jigsaw together. He has already teased new music out later this month on the 24th. Suté remained tight-lipped on the number of tracks and an official release date, but from the way he sounded, we’re already in the era of the Ultralight.

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