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The Pick: Teni Excites And Invigorates With “No Days Off”

Our Pick of the Week.

  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 17th May 2023
The Pick

Teni came up on the mainstream scene. Since her breakout year, she’s existed alongside the big hitters on the scene while crafting her own hits as well. She had the streets in a chokehold with “Askamaya”, then subsequently with “Case” and “Billionaire”, even picking up a COLORS feature recently. But within these times, you could sense that the mainstream had not fully taken to her for a myriad of factors. Even though her music is great, the acceptance of her mercurial talent was missing, leaving her music floating in some form of limbo amongst the general public.


It seems like she’s changing her strategy with her new release, “No Days Off”. Snippets of the record surfaced on the internet, putting those who came in contact with it in a frenzy. The Genio Bambino-produced record sees Teni take on a new bounce that she’s not usually associated with. Her talent makes this shift to an unconventional sound easy for her and opens her up to the opportunity of building a niche fanbase.



“No Days Off” sees Teni in her most playful state, displaying the energy that endeared her to the public when she broke out. One thing that stands out is the catchy nature of the lyrics, creating harmony by playing with words like “dodoyo” and “falala”. She’s comfortable weaving patterns within this fast-paced record, and the combination of the lyrics and the production almost compels you to shimmy your shoulders at the very least. In the right setting and concert, the floor could cave in from the actions of a foot-stomping audience.


She doesn’t complicate herself on this record. For her standing in the music industry right now, a new direction might be exactly what she needs to refuel. As of now, she’s pulling it off well. We will see how this song is received throughout the rest of the year. Teni, if you’re reading this, please put Cruel Santino on the remix. Thanks.

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