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The Pick: SGawD is Ready To Level Up With “Intermission”

Our song of the week.

  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 5th April 2023

Nigeria’s rap scene is due for a reset. Luckily, there are rappers who have a few new tricks up their sleeves, blending their swag and social media engagement with metaphorical kickflips about anything that can fit on a rap beat. Although a male-dominated industry, women want to pull their weight and be front and center when the time comes to be heard and counted. SGawD is front row in an endless sea of artists that are up next, and it is difficult to ignore her.


The “Pop Shit” artist has grown on the scene since her introduction to us around 2020. She stands out for many reasons, but her willingness to keep going and take what’s hers is the most endearing quality. She combines that with top-notch rap skills which she showed in her first EP, Savage Bitch Juice. She returns with a new single, “Intermission” as she gears up for the next phase of her career.



SGawD is always going to talk her shit. She showed that on “Pop Shit” and once again on “Intermission”, with the opening line of the song going “pussy boy just tried to tell me how to run my business”. She weaves paths between Trill Xoe’s crushing 808s. Together with JohnWav, the two 44DB members create a wavy, psych-rap backdrop for SGawD to work her magic on. You can tell how comfortable she is on the record as she executes it with venomous but laid-back delivery.


She relays that her life has not been rosy leading up to this point. Throughout “Intermission”, Seddy talks real shit about personal growth, success as an artist, and all the mess that the industry brings. SGawD has shown she is able to craft projects, so we eagerly await her next one. With Nigerian rap on its deathbed, SGawD is one of the rappers that holds the remedy in her deftly written verses. If she continues in this vein, then our beloved rap scene is definitely in good hands.

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