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The Pick: Tyla Shares New Lush, Club-Ready Single “Been Thinking”

Our Song Of The Week!

  • Boluwatife Adeyemi
  • 1st February 2023
Tyla - Been Thinking

There’s a refreshing simplicity that underpins Tyla’s music. While it is mostly because of her cotton candy lilt that coasts over intricate, dance-inspired beats, her writing style is also a cogent factor. There’s a pristine innocence that accompanies her words, even when she’s exploring ubiquitous, and sometimes complex themes like love and heartbreak. This shouldn’t however be mistaken for inferiority; Tyla’s music — even though it’s still quite in limited supply at the moment — carries with it loads of ambition. The 20-year-old’s sonic style while being distinctly South African — thanks mostly to her production choices which favours the floating piano melodies, log drums and wide percussive basslines of Amapiano — has a global appeal. Her delivery is mostly unhurried and she employs saccharine, pop-inspired melodies. Think of what a Kabza De Small and Ariana Grande record might sound like. 


Her latest single, “Been Thinking”, however, discards the soft, percussive beats she favoured for a more full blown pop production. It’s a versatile, post-Renaissance pop banger that could soundtrack a fun joyride with friends or find expression in the nooks of a dimly lit club. “Been Thinking” obviously draws influence from  Beyonce’s recently released Grammy-nominated album, and while it doesn’t carry the sort of richness and the intricate, stylistic history that the album also borrows from, it’s just as fun. Her delivery here is a lot more carefree and peppy, making this record arguably her most enjoyable till date. “All day, All Night, I’ve been thinking about you” she sings with a bit of sass, unabashedly declaring her feelings for a love interest. 


“Been Thinking” is a strong statement of intent. Tyla has been primed for stardom since she gained mainstream attention a couple of years back. She slowly tinkered with pop and Amapiano, finding a sweet spot between the two genres. But now, it looks like she might be looking to shed the latter, stepping fully into her global pop bag. It’s ambitious from a young singer operating out of South Africa but with the aural evidence available, it won’t be long before Tyla becomes a global star.


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