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Stripes Showdown: Nike Scores Partial Win Over Adidas

A German court initially banned Nike from using Adidas like stripes on certain designs, but after an appeal, Nike can now use them.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 28th May 2024

The world of fashion is rarely a stranger to drama, but this recent trademark dispute takes the cake (or, should we say, the tracksuit?). Buckle up, fashion folks, because we’re analyzing the case of Adidas vs. Nike and their not-so-friendly neighborhood stripes.


Adidas Goes Full On Trademark Terminator


Remember 2022? A simpler time? Well, it seems Adidas doesn’t. Back then, they decided to unleash their inner legal eagle and sue Nike for using stripes – yes, stripes – on a few of their trouser designs. We’re talking about three parallel stripes, the kind that have become synonymous with Adidas. But come on, stripes are a basic design element, right? Apparently not in the high-stakes world of sportswear trademarks.


A German court, ever the arbiter of stripe-related disputes, initially sided with Adidas. This meant Nike had to ditch the stripes on five of their controversial trousers. This week, the same court did a complete 180 and said Nike could actually rock those stripes on four out of the five designs. Talk about a sartorial switcheroo!



Let’s be honest, Adidas is pretty darn protective of their precious three stripes. They’re like the ultimate hypebeast accessory, and they come after anyone who dares come close. Remember that time they tried to sue Black Lives Matter for their yellow three-stripe logo? Thankfully, they chickened out, realizing that might not be the best PR move.


Nike, ever the sneakerverse rebel, isn’t having any of it. They’re basically saying, “Stripes are stripes, dawg. They’re not your exclusive property.” 


So, What’s the Verdict?


The whole situation is a hilarious mess, but for now, Nike can celebrate a small victory (and keep using stripes on most of those sweet kicks). But let’s be real, this fashion feud is probably far from over.

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