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A sartorial ranking of Euro 2024 Kits

The Euro 2024 tournament is almost here, and with it comes a diverse array of national team kits – some destined for praise, others bound to raise eyebrows.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 2nd May 2024

The Euro 2024 tournament is almost here, and with it comes a diverse array of national team kits – some destined for praise, others bound to raise eyebrows.


From Croatia’s questionable design choices to Belgium’s Tintin-inspired adventure, BOUNCE rates a selection of the most noteworthy kits, ranking them from the least impressive to the absolute must-sees.


While a few manufacturers like Macron and Joma are yet to unveil their full collections, Nike, Puma, and Adidas have already showcased most of their offerings. 


Here’s a breakdown of the Euro 2024 kits, ranked from worst to best:


The Not-So-Great


  • Netherlands Away: Forget elite attire, the Dutch away kit is a miss. This design is more reminiscent of a drab hotel curtain than a football shirt. We contemplated whether it’s so bad it’s good, but sadly, it’s just plain disappointing.



  • Croatia Home: Croatia’s home kit is another big miss. It’s two tournaments in a row now that they’ve strayed from their classic red and white checks. This is a major disappointment, almost summer-ruining in its mediocrity.



  • France Home: This supposed homage to the 1960s falls flat. The royal blue isn’t as menacing as their usual deep blue, the collar is wonky, and the rooster is just too big.



  • Austria Home: Puma enters the fray with Austria’s home kit, but the design leaves us utterly bewildered. We’ve scrutinized the pattern, but its meaning remains a complete mystery, creating a sense of unease rather than visual appeal.



The Meh


  • Spain Home: Adidas raises eyebrows with Spain’s home kit. The color strays far from the traditional Spanish red, bordering more on a questionable shade of orange. Back to the drawing board, we say.



  • Serbia Home: Another Puma entry that’s just okay. The blue sleeve trim feels a bit out of place.



  • Turkey Away: Inoffensive but forgettable.



The Decent Ones


  • Belgium Home: Belgium’s home kit walks a tightrope. The black lines around the shoulders and armpits evoke a cheap five-a-side shirt, but thankfully, the subtle diamond pattern in the background salvages it from complete disaster.



  • Scotland Home: Scotland’s home kit boasts a vibrant color scheme and a striking background pattern that wouldn’t be out of place as a statement carpet at Center Parcs. It even evokes a touch of Euro ’96 nostalgia, reminiscent of Colin Hendry’s iconic flowing locks, adding a touch of charm to the overall design.



  • Netherlands Home: Nike delivers a refreshingly clean and classic look for the Netherlands’ home kit. It’s a welcome departure from the garish orange they sported at the World Cup, with the addition of subtle stripes adding a touch of understated detail.



  • England Home: The controversial St. George’s Cross design might not be for everyone, but the red and blue sleeve trim is a nice detail.



The Top Contenders


  • Belgium Away: Belgium’s away kit is a curious mix. It pays homage to the iconic comic book character Tintin, which is a quirky and endearing concept. However, the brown shorts, directly inspired by Tintin’s attire, are undeniably…well, brown. While the shirt itself is visually appealing, one can’t help but feel that a player of Kevin De Bruyne’s caliber deserves a kit that transcends mere novelty.



  • Georgia Away: Black usually works well, and this Macron creation is no exception. The white crosses, red accents, and white logo come together for a sharp look.

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