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Omah Lay has dropped the visuals for the remix of his chart-topping “soso” featuring the reggaeton sensation, Ozuna. Directed by Monde, the video is set against the backdrop of what appears to be an enigmatic island resort.


As the camera pans out, it captures an unexpected twist which adds an element of equestrian elegance. However, it is the interplay of lighting that truly elevates the video. The director skillfully uses lighting to intensify the emotions of each scene, casting dramatic shadows and evoking a sense of raw vulnerability that Omah Lay is always eager to express. 


The original version of “soso” struck a resounding chord with music lovers, soaring to the number one position on the Apple Music Top 100 charts five months after its release. Its continuous reverberation across the airwaves paved the way for the remix with Ozuna.


Watch the video of “Soso (Remix)” here:



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