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15 Times Davido Proved He’s A Quintessential Nigerian Lover

Here are 15 love songs by Davido that beautifully capture his deep affection and romantic journey with his longtime lover, Chioma.

  • Ebube Okereke
  • 25th June 2024

Finally, Davido is getting married to his longtime  quintessential lover and muse, Chioma.


Davido And Chioma's Wedding


Their very public relationship is one that Davido has been committed to celebrating via several chart-toppers. Music, after all, is one of the best ways to communicate matters of the heart. From the heartfelt dedication of “Assurance” to the soulful melodies of “Fall” and the infectious rhythm of “1 Milli,” Davido’s songs paint a vivid picture of his deep affection and commitment.


Curating a list of some of the artist’s  greatest love songs is a joyous task, as these tracks stand as anthems of love, celebrating their journey together. Here, then, is our countdown of the best love songs David Adeleke has created.

15. “Wonder Woman” (2018)


In Wonder Woman, Davido describes a special type of woman he wouldn’t mind reaching into the depths of Wells Fargo to satisfy. A lot of Lagos men will be very upset that David lifted the bar once again. He also praises his lover in this song and calls her his wonder woman.



14. “FIA” (2017)


One thing about Davido is his willingness to scatter his lover’s life with excess funds. What makes FIA a special song in Davido’s discography is how he turns the tables, complaining about a lover who’s not content with all he’s given her. FIA is a reminder to walk away before love empties your bank account and ruins your life. We can tell Chioma is the perfect bride as they tie the knot.




13. “Na Money” featuring The Cavemen & Angélique Kidjo (2023)


Na Money adds to Davido’s collection of songs highlighting how he will spoil his lover and treat her the way no other man can. We can tell that Chioma is in for a treat.




12. “Ogechi (Remix)” Brown Joel featuring Davido, Hyce &  BoyPee (2024)


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“Ogechi” has enjoyed success in Eastern Nigeria and on TikTok. In this song, Davido honors Chioma with his verse.



It’s one of those Afrobeats songs influenced by indigenous Igbo music, celebrating cultural roots and personal affection.



11. “Dodo” (2015)


The lyrics of this song talk about Davido’s admiration for a woman he describes as Dodo, which means sweet or beautiful in Nigerian pidgin. In this song, Davido expresses affection and captivation by her charm and beauty, highlighting his admiration through the catchiest chorus and the hilarious video.




10. “Very Special” (2020)


Very Special is a melodic love song that showcases Davido’s smooth vocals and “sweet mouth.” The song creates an intimate atmosphere, reflecting the depth of his emotions and appreciation for his lover’s presence in his life.



9. “Maga 2 Mugu” (2016) featuring Simi


This hilarious song talks about how smitten love can make a person to the extent that you become a mugu, or fool for love. Davido doesn’t care and still wants to pursue love, demonstrating his unwavering romantic spirit.



8. “Jowo” (2020)


Jowo is an  Afropop burner  with a captivating storyline. The song’s lyrics revolve around a plea for forgiveness and reconciliation in a romantic relationship. Davido’s emotive vocals convey a sense of remorse and longing, as he asks his lover to reconsider their love and give their relationship another chance.




7. “Nwa Baby” (2018)


In “Nwa Baby,” Davido calls his lover a heart thief and a plan changer. The song narrates a story of love, longing, and forgiveness, which could metaphorically apply to the challenges and growth in Davido and Chioma’s relationship.




6. “Fall” (2019)


Fall is a bouncy Afrobeats record fused with highlife guitar samples where Davido dons the role of a reformed player . The lyrics reveal Davido’s deep admiration and love for a woman who has captured his heart alongside a tinge of his signature braggadocio. Apart from being an amazing love song, “Fall” made Davido a global superstar.




5. “Flora My Flawa” (2018)


In the cutest and most unpredicted way, Davido delivers a deep poetic line: “If nothing lasts forever, me and you will be nothing forever.” “Flora My Flawa” is a romantic song with a catchy chorus and playful lyrics, celebrating the beauty of his lover and the intensity of his love.




4. “If” (2019)


“If” was more than just a song; it was a movement. In this record, Davido poured his heart out, promising his lover endless enjoyment and excessive spending if she just accepts that she’s his lover. It’s also the song that helped his fans decide on a name for themselves — 30 BG.




3. “Aye” (2014)


In “Aye”, Davido tries to convince people that love is more important than money in a relationship. This is one of the sweetest Nigerian love songs, often played at weddings, highlighting the essence of true love.




2. “1 Milli” (2019)


This song foretold the flamboyant nature of Davido and Chioma’s wedding. Davido asks his lover, “tell your mummy I go pay, how much is one milli… one million dollars.” Of course, he was talking about Chioma, and the Nigerian tradition of paying a bride price before one takes a woman as a wife.




1.“Assurance” (2019)


There’s no better way to do a hard launch. “Assurance” had many gasping and wishing they were the ones in Davido’s arms.Where do they make men that serenade you and tell the whole world “Hey! That’s mine!”? Davido expresses deep affection and commitment to Chioma, promising her love and support in this song.



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