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Here’s Everything We Know About Amaarae’s Forthcoming Album Fountain Baby

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Amaarae has been teasing her sophomore album Fountain Baby for some time now. Here’s everything we know so far. 

  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 15th March 2023
Here's Everything We Know About Amaarae's Forthcoming Album Fountain Baby

On March 8th, Ghanaian-American singer, Amaarae, revealed a visual teaser to announce the release of her upcoming album tagged, Fountain Baby. The album will be Amaarae’s second studio album following her debut album, The Angel You Don’t Know (TAYDK), which was released in November 2020. 



Following the announcement of this album drop came the details of a new song — produced by frequent collaborator KZDIDIT and Cadenza — which is scheduled to be out on March 17th. It has set off feverish anticipation amongst fans, promising a taste of the elaborate feast that is Fountain Baby and Amaraae appears just as excited to put out this new single.



In the months preceding the announcement of
Fountain Baby, Amaraae kept a steady delivery of hints via tweets meant to build momentum and keep her fans activated for the drop. She had been in the studio at various points across the past year since she promised an album and recently credited a producer, Tochi Bedford, for “two really cool songs on the album”. 




The album is almost self-titled — Fountain Baby — giving it the potential to be far more personal and confessional. It eminently foreshadows the presentation of a window into the soul of Amaraae as the enchanting badass, Fountain Baby.


Since Amaraae’s breakout in 2017 with her debut EP, Passionfruit Summers, and her consequent hits, the alté queen has amassed quite a number of fans. A number which positively doubled after the release of the remixed version of “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY” with Kali Uchis. Remarkably danceable and rife with nods to alt-Afropop and R&B history, the song is a groundbreaking work which joined other stellar projects that reigned over 2022, earning both Amaarae and Moliy their first spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


From the short visual dropped, the prevailing mood of the album is of a sensual, almost escapist getaway. On a purely sonic level, Fountain Baby is expected to be impeccably constructed. But for all the silkiness of Amaraae’s voice and the loveliness of her physical beauty, what is most expected to stand out in Fountain Baby is the tapestry of music influences paying homage to the true essence of alt-Afropop, R&B, rap, pop, etc.

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