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Magicsticks Has All The Vibes

Magicsticks has had a strong year. He produced all of Asake’s convincing debut Mr. Money With The Vibe, establishing himself as the go-to guy in 2022. Bside caught up with…

  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 5th December 2022
Magicsticks / Asake

When it comes down to it, music is about feeling. It provides us a means through which we can tap into some of our deepest emotions. Music also transports us to places we’ve been, and vicariously to places we want to go. It is a sacred art form.


Crafting any record isn’t easy, but crafting good records takes a large array of skill. Conversations with producers have made me understand that it takes more than pushing a few buttons to turn feelings into sound. The artists can articulate the emotions into words but there’s a reason why a cappella versions of songs aren’t the norm. There exists a primacy of sound over words. 


This is especially the case in the Afrobeats space. We like to dance. Being able to craft records that simultaneously excite and trigger introspection comes from years of harnessed skill and special grace, both of which our very own Magicsticks possesses. The streets and the charts agree with me.


Born Kareem Olusukanmi Temitayo, the producer grew up in a Christian home in Lagos. His early musical influences can be attributed to his father, who was a DJ and would play a vast spectrum of music which went from House to Jazz. That subconscious acclimatisation trained Magic’s ear to pick up quality sounds which led him to become a DJ himself, before transitioning to the life of a composer. 


His evolutionary line was greatly helped by his friend Jay Pizzle, who liked his work enough to put in a word for him amongst other musicians and composers. In an industry where most people are leeching off one another in an everlasting clout chase, Magic was able to get heard without latching on to anyone and word about his talent quickly spread. In 2020, he was thrust into the limelight for his work on DJ Neptune’s “Nobody”, and he has been amongst us ever since.


Despite this, Magic prefers to stay in the shadows. He is finicky about maintaining his space and the energy that comes within it, preferring the peace that comes with working behind the curtain. This is understandable as geniuses prefer to work in solitude. Looking at his discography, his approach is very well justified.


Magicsticks has had a strong year. He produced all of Asake’s convincing debut Mr. Money With The Vibe, establishing himself as the go-to guy in 2022. Bside caught up with the skilled producer for a quick chat. 


This interview is lightly edited for clarity.



BSide: I did some research, and it said your dad was a DJ as well. How was it like watching him? What emotions did you get from it?

Magicsticks: It was always fun watching him do his thing. Unlike the neighbors and their quiet houses. Lol


BSide: Is that where your love for music grew from?

Magicsticks: Yes it is.


BSide: How easy was it to switch from DJing to production? And what year did the switch take place?

Magicsticks: Transitioning wasn’t hard because it’s still music. I just had to take more time and learn new stuff by myself. And that started in 2012.


BSide: Why do you call yourself “The King of Sounds and Blues”? Did the inspiration for the name come from somewhere?

Magicsticks: TUNE INTO THE KING OF SOUNDS AND BLUES is just me telling my listeners to once again connect with me on another journey of my sound. 


BSide: You’ve probably been the most frequent producer on the charts because of the work you’ve put in with Asake from the start of the year. How has this year been for you, musically and otherwise?


Magicsticks: It has been a great year for both of us musically. Seeing my work out there on this scale is great for me. Asake is touring the world and it makes me so happy. I prayed for days like this. As you mentioned, things can only get better from here.


BSide: How did you meet Asake?

Magicsticks: We met through a friend whose name is Sydney.

BSide: It takes a lot of chemistry to create an album like Mr. Money with someone like Asake. How would you describe your connection with him?


Magicsticks: He’s a great guy so the connection is solid, aside from music we are friends so it’s not just another artist and producer connection. We are actually friends.


BSide: What’s an ideal work environment for you?

Magicsticks: Somewhere peaceful. Somewhere private and quiet. I also like places with great views or heights.  


BSide: Are there other artforms that you’re interested in outside of music?

Magicsticks: Yes, I’d one day like to go into movies as an actor.


BSide: Would you put out a project of your own?

Magicsticks: Of course, yes. You can expect to tune in a lot more.


BSide: What’s your favorite song right now?

Magicsticks: It changes from time to time. But right now, it’s ASAKE FT RUSS (REASON)



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