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People of Bounce Presents: #SpotifyAmapianoTour Day 2

We continue on Day 2 of the #SpotifyAmapianoTour, taking you through the Hector Pieterson museum, the FNB stadium and more.

  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 21st March 2023

Day 2 started off easy because we partied too hard on the night of Day 1. The Konka Day Club was the location for our night crawl as the #SpotifyAmapianoTour delegation made its way through the streets of Soweto looking dapper. We got in around 9:30pm, which might sound odd to Lagos and Accra party animals.




The club was packed and everyone got turnt to the hip-hop classics that the DJ spun during his set. This was before Kabza De Small took charge of the turntables and took us on a psychedelic Amapiano journey. DJ Maphorisa had the last set, but I wasn’t able to witness it; I got too turnt and decided to leave a little early.




Morning broke on Day 2 and we made our way to breakfast before embarking on the tour of Soweto. Soweto is an abbreviation for South Western Townships, and within it holds a rich and important history through the years. We visited the FNB Stadium which was renamed Soccer City for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was the venue for the final of that year’s competition. We saw the mines from a distance and learnt more about South Africa’s history of gold. It would’ve been an incomplete experience without interacting with the locals and learning directly some struggles they face in their daily lives.


An important stop on today’s leg of the #SpotifyAmapianoTour was the visit to the Hector Pieterson museum. The museum is two blocks away from the site of the fatal shooting of the 12-year-old Hector Pieterson during the anti-Apartheid Uprising where over 170 protesting school children were killed. The museum also carefully documents the timeline of the uprising, and when you step into the building you feel the immeasurable pain from a tragic time in South African — and by extension, African — history.



African history is tainted by periods of slavery and several attempts by foreigners to dominate our land illicitly. Regardless of nationality, Africans endure a shared pain in this regard. We take this pain and use it to fuel our art and efforts to greater success. It is poetic that Soweto, a town that has endured much pain and segregation can unearth a new bounce that takes over the world. It gave me more context about South Africa, her people and her sound; helping me understand the spiritual nature of the Amapiano genre.


Just before we we wrapped our day, we made a pitstop for lunch at Chaf Pozi, a restaurant that lives on the floor of the Soweto Towers. The food was immense, as I savored every slice and bite of ‘Chakalaka’ and braaied meat. It was a wonderful occasion that opened me up to the hospitality of the South African people. Next we went for a quick dance class with Kamo Mphelax to learn dance steps that’ll aid our Amapiano journey. Day 2 of the #SpotifyAmapianoTour was great, what will Day 3 hold?

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