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The Pick: Amaarae Kicks off Her Highly Anticipated Second Act with “Reckless and Sweet”

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  • Boluwatife Adeyemi
  • 22nd March 2023
The Pick: Amaarae Kicks off Her Highly Anticipated Second Act with "Reckless and Sweet"

Amaarae’s ascent was always written in stars. The Accra-born singer had all the makings of a star from the jump, initially gaining attention with Passionfruit Summer — a gossamer 6-tracker that saddled her breathy soprano with fairly expansive and delicate production — which came out about half a decade ago. After, her dalliance with Nigeria’s famed noncomformist alte movement increased her profile, it was however 2020’s The Angel You Didn’t Know that confirmed her as the superstar she’s always looked like becoming. While she undoubtedly gained repute for her debut, “Sad Girlz Luv Money”, an exhilarating Moliy-assisted cut from the album, was her true ticket to fame. The subsequent Kali Uchis remix blew the song up even more, landing Amaarae her  first ever spot on the Billboard Hot 100


Since her crossover from whispery, bald-headed underground singer to budding global star status, she’s collaborated with some of the biggest names around — featuring on award-winning singer Babyface’s latest star-studded studio album Girls Night Out, Stormzy’sThis Is What I Mean” and contributing to Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forvever tracklist — while also cutting notable guest verses for smaller acts like Kelechief, Cruel Santino and Dua Saleh. Now, the singer is ready to further ascend, teasing her forthcoming studio album  Fountain Baby. “Reckless and Sweet”, the album’s lead single, was released on the 17th of March and if its anything to go by, Amaarae is clearly not letting up anytime soon. The single, which could have been fittingly titled “Short and Sweet” retains the sheen of Amaarae’s earlier works; the singer gliding over gauzy production courtesy of KZDIDIT and Cadenza.


See my blessing, feel my essence / Look how I just stepped in” she sings in the track’s opening seconds, almost like an acknowledgment of how life has changed over the last few years. While there’s a braggadocious undertone that runs through the entire track, plateauing on the hypnotic chorus where she repeatedly sings “Call me when the money come, come, come…”, the record generally addresses a gold digger who only wants Amaarae for her money. But she doesn’t seem too mad at it.  In truth, “Reckless and Sweet” is not an instant ear candy, like most lead singles from around these parts, but it’s true to form and it raises hopes for an highly anticipated second act that promises to be thrilling


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