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The Pick: Qing Madi Deepens Her Groove with “Sins For U”

Our song of the week!

  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 10th July 2024
Qing Madi

Qing Madi’s debut EP Qing Madi landed with superb confidence, displaying her butter-smooth vocals that easily move around intricate melodies. The recent Chloe Bailey remix of “Vision” was the cherry on top, a collaborative co-sign that reinforced Madi’s place as a rising force. What truly sets Madi apart is her sophisticated understanding of the R&B landscape.  She isn’t afraid to wear her influences on her sleeve, channeling the swag of 90s divas while weaving in a distinctly Gen Z sensibility. Her music sits comfortably in a niche carved specifically for those craving a richer R&B experience — a sound that evokes the golden age of teenage R&B/Pop, reimagined for a contemporary audience.


“Sins For U,” the standout addition on the deluxe edition, demonstrates the depth Madi brings to the table. This track is a masterfully crafted slow-burner, simmering with the tension of a love both passionate and problematic. Here, Madi dips into a lower register, her voice adopting a smoky quality that perfectly complements the melancholic trap-inspired beat. “But you no consider my own feelings / …And your jealousy is the worst gimmick.



It’s a confessional that feels brutally honest, sung with a vulnerability that’s raw and mesmerizing. The melody is deliberately sparse, existing primarily as a platform to elevate Madi’s vocal prowess. A driving pattern provides rhythmic momentum, while a lone, brooding synth line buttresses the emotional weight of the song. This approach ensures that all eyes — and ears — are on Madi.

“Sins For U” is a promising addition to Qing Madi’s repertoire. One thing has always been certain — the teenage star is an artist with a clear vision, an inarguable talent, and the moves to match.

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