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The Pick: Rema is Out for Joy on “Holiday”

Our song of the week!

  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 23rd February 2023
The Pick: Rema is Out for Joy on "Holiday"

Holiday” is one of Rema’s latest singles and as usual, he executes it with his typical finesse. An anthemic, groovy tune, the track exposes how extensively Rema has refined his sound, Afrorave, and how he has grown to become an even more creative musician.


Divine Ikubor, who records as Rema, has reached a remarkable level in his career, garnering notable success with his “Calm Down” remix featuring Selena Gomez going platinum with nearly ten billion total streams. However, as it is revealed in “Holiday”, Rema’s success did not easily bubble to the surface as there was a significant number of bad days. In the song, he lodges the chorus, “Fast forward to today / Everyday na holiday-ayy, ayy, ayy”, making a definite statement about the perks of being wealthy after grueling days of grinding. 


Reminiscent of the regular grass-to-grace motif, Rema points out that he has endured several forms of torment, but specifically, economic ones. He sings about issues that are commonplace in the life of a young adult who has battled the rubble of distress and come out victorious. He transforms his deeply sobering reality into a song that feels joyous and relatable with obvious context from the vibrant and jovial video. The production also complements the song’s theme as the producer, Blaisebeatz, implements rhythmic and uptempo sounds that align with the mood.


Since Rema’s ascent to stardom in 2019, he has been a constant in the music industry and continues to make a huge impact on fans and casual listeners alike. It is almost expected that whatever he releases will be groundbreaking. “Holiday” is a confident celebration of the success which Rema currently enjoys after years of hardwork.


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