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AFROCAN: D’Tigers Triumph Over Mali

A triumphant start in the AFROCHAN tournament for Nigeria as their home-based D’Tigers secure a 62-56 victory over Mali

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 9th July 2023
D'Tigers Triumph Over Mali

In an impressive start to the AFROCHAN tournament,¬†Nigeria’s home-based D’Tigers¬†triumph over Mali with a hard-fought 62-56 victory.¬†Overcoming travel challenges, the team showcases their skill and determination, setting the stage for a successful campaign in this highly anticipated basketball competition.

The encounter showcased the exceptional talent and competitive spirit of both teams as they battled for supremacy on the court. Nigeria started the game strongly, dominating the first quarter with a commanding lead of 20-9.


However, Mali fought back in the second quarter, winning 13-10 and narrowing the deficit. The intensity continued in the third quarter, with Nigeria edging ahead by a slim margin with a score of 18-17. In the final quarter, both teams put up a valiant fight, but it was Mali who claimed a 17-14 victory.



Nigeria’s performance in the tournament holds particular significance as the team was granted a wild card slot for the prestigious 2023 AfroCan tournament in Angola, despite a challenging qualifying process. This achievement highlights the team’s resilience and determination to compete at the highest level.


Grouped alongside Mali and hosts Angola in Group B, the D’Tigers demonstrated their strength and cohesion in their opening match. Despite facing the obstacle of a demanding travel schedule, arriving in Angola a mere 12 hours before the game, the Nigerian team showcased their prowess and delivered a triumphant start to their AFROCAN campaign.


The victory serves as a testament to the skill and dedication of the home-based D’Tigers, who have proven their ability to overcome challenges and compete at an international level. With their eyes set on further success, the Nigerian team aims to continue their winning streak and make their mark in the AFROCAN tournament.


As the competition progresses, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming matches and the opportunity to witness the home-based D’Tigers‘ outstanding performance in their quest for AFROCAN glory.


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