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 Forbes Names Iga Swiatek Highest-Paid Female Athlete in 2023

Forbes unveils list of the highest-paid female athletes in 2023. Iga Swiatek claims the top spot, as Tennis stars dominate.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 26th December 2023

The highest-paid female athletes for 2023 have been recalculated by Forbes, which has overturned a prior Sportico report that had Coco Gauff at the top. Iga Swiatek, the top-ranked professional female tennis player in the world, has moved up to the top spot in Forbes’ latest rating, while Coco Gauff has dropped to third.


Sportico’s initial publication had Gauff securing the top position with an estimated $22.7 million, followed closely by Iga Swiatek and skiing sensation Eileen Gu. However, Forbes’ revised estimation places Swiatek at the pinnacle with total earnings of $23.9 million, followed by Eileen Gu at $22.1 million, pushing Gauff to the third spot with $21.7 million.


                                                                 Coco Gauff


The shift in rankings marks a departure from the dominance of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Naomi Osaka over the past 15 years. The absence of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova due to retirement and Naomi Osaka’s hiatus from tennis to focus on motherhood has paved the way for emerging talents to shine in the financial arena.


Iga Swiatek, a four-time Grand Slam champion, has garnered significant earnings from lucrative sponsorships with brands such as VISA, On Shoes and Apparel, Oshee, and Infosys.


                                                                     Eileen Gu


Meanwhile, Coco Gauff has seen a boost in her endorsements, particularly after clinching the US Open title in September. Gauff secured deals with prominent brands like Baker Tilly, Bose, UPS, and even ventured into the realm of entertainment with an appearance in an advertisement for the movie “The Marvels,” part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The revised list of the highest-paid female athletes in 2023, according to Forbes, is as follows:


Iga Swiatek (Tennis): $23.9 million (9.9m prize money, 14m endorsements)


Eileen Gu (Skiing): $22.1 million (27k prize money, 22m endorsements)


Coco Gauff (Tennis): $21.7 million (6.7m prize money, 15m endorsements)


Emma Raducanu (Tennis): $16.2 million (238k prize money, 16m endorsements)


Naomi Osaka (Tennis): $15 million (0 prize money, 15m endorsements)


Aryna Sabalenka (Tennis): $12.2 million (8.2m prize money, 4m endorsements)


Elena Rybakina (Tennis): $9.5 million (5.5m prize money, 4m endorsements)


Jessica Pegula (Tennis): $9 million (6m prize money, 3m endorsements)


Simone Biles (Gymnastics): $8.5 million (0 prize money, 8.5m endorsements)


Nelly Korda (Golf): $7.9 million (1.4m prize money, 6.5m endorsements)


The updated rankings underscore the dynamic nature of athlete earnings, highlighting the impact of achievements, endorsements, and evolving career trajectories on their financial standings.

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