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Gamr X3 Xhodus: 5 Takeaways from Nigeria’s Biggest Esports Tournament

The highly anticipated Gamr X3 Xhodus esports tournament finally arrived on Saturday, May 4th, electrifying the Landmark Centre.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 7th May 2024
Gamr X3 Xhodus:

The highly anticipated Gamr X3 Xhodus esports tournament finally arrived on Saturday, May 4th, electrifying the Landmark Centre with its “The Gaming Way” theme. This year’s edition witnessed a significant expansion, featuring a staggering 9 titles for gamers to compete in.


From the adrenaline-pumping action of EA Sports FC 24 and Call of Duty Mobile to the timeless classics like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, the tournament catered to a diverse range of gaming preferences. Mobile enthusiasts found their battlegrounds in Free Fire and Candy Crush, while rhythm game aficionados showcased their moves in Just Dance. Apex Legends and PUBG Mobile further amplified the competitive spirit.


Bounce Sports was present at the event, capturing the electrifying atmosphere and uncovering five key takeaways:



Nigeria’s Thriving Esports Community: The turnout at Landmark Centre was a resounding testament to the vibrancy of the Nigerian esports community. Over 150 enthusiastic attendees, including gamers and fans who journeyed from across Nigeria (Abuja, Edo) and even other African nations like Kenya, converged to celebrate their shared passion.


Striving for Esports Excellence: While the event offered a generally positive experience, there’s always room for improvement. The commentary, while intended to enhance the experience, occasionally detracted from it, prompting some attendees to seek temporary respite. Similarly, the refreshments could have been better presented and maintained at a more enjoyable temperature. The sound quality, while potentially influenced by the venue itself, also fell short of optimal levels. Esports thrives on clear and engaging commentary and sound, and future endeavors should prioritize these aspects.



The Rise of Anime Cosplay: Gamr’s decision to incorporate cosplay into the event proved to be a stroke of genius. The presence of a dedicated cosplaying segment not only surprised but also revealed a thriving and passionate anime community within Nigeria. Witnessing the vibrant characters brought to life by cosplayers twas a delightful addition to the event, and it suggests a potentially lucrative ecosystem that Gamr can further cultivate in future tournaments. Perhaps, incorporating cosplay as a regular feature, akin to a halftime show, could be a compelling way to elevate the overall experience.


Sponsor Showcase: Gamr X3 witnessed the enthusiastic participation of sponsors like Pepsi, Infinix, NIVEA, and more. This strong brand support signifies the growing recognition and potential of the esports industry in Nigeria. Attendees were presented with opportunities to interact with these brands, fostering a sense of community and highlighting the robust ecosystem surrounding esports.



Gamr Solidifies Esports Leadership: Gamr’s ability to attract such a large and engaged crowd at Landmark Centre solidifies their position as the undisputed king of esports in Nigeria, potentially extending their reach to West Africa as well. The positive energy throughout the event, coupled with celebrity appearances by MAVIN stars like Ladipoe and Bayanni, underscored the growing mainstream appeal of esports in the region. The well-structured arena and the presence of CARVEN, a dedicated gaming zone within the venue, further enhanced the overall experience.


Gamr X3 Xhodus delivered a dynamic and successful event, arguably the best edition in its three-year run. By addressing the identified areas for improvement and capitalizing on the thriving esports and cosplay communities, Gamr is poised to further elevate the esports landscape in Nigeria and beyond.

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