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Meet the D’Tigers: Nigeria Pursuing Olympic Qualifiers Slot

Explore D’Tigers’ journey in the FIBA Pre-Olympic Qualifiers, as the road to Olympic dreams unfolds in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 14th August 2023

Excitement fills the air as basketball fans, across Nigeria prepare for the start of the FIBA Pre Olympic Qualifying Tournament, which kicks off today at the Eko Convention Centre on Lagos Island.


Guided by the seasoned hand of Head Coach Ogoh Odaudu, the D’Tigers are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of Olympic qualification. The squad, consisting of 15 remarkable players, represents the culmination of talent, determination, and the collective spirit that embodies Nigerian basketball.


Among the players gracing the court for Nigeria  are some familiar names and promising talents who are ready to give their all for the glory of the nation. Chimezie Metu, EJ Anosike, Ike Ndugba, Michael Eric, Mike Nuga, Kaodirichi Akonbundu-Ehiohu, Ibe Agu, Michael Daramola, Daniel Utomi, Warith Alatishe, Godwin Omenaka, UC Iroegbu, Victor Ezeh, Kanyinsola Odufuwa, and Michael Okiki are the embodiment of Nigeria’s basketball prowess.


The tournament’s kickoff game is a clash between Nigeria’s D’Tigers  and the formidable Senegal team. This thrilling encounter is set to ignite the competition and test the mettle of both teams. The court will be ablaze with athleticism, skill, and sheer determination as these athletes battle it out for a chance to shine on the global stage.


As the curtain rises on this exhilarating journey, D’Tigers find themselves drawn into Group A alongside Senegal and Mali. The stakes are high as each game holds the key to advancing further in the competition and inching closer to the ultimate prize – a coveted spot in the FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament, with a chance to clinch a spot in the prestigious Paris 2024 Olympics.



Group B is equally fierce, with Cameroon, Guinea, and Tunisia poised to prove their mettle and secure their own paths to the main Olympics qualifiers.


The teams from each group will play against each other in a single round-robin format. The top two teams of each group after the Group Phase will qualify for the Final Phase.



With the Eko Convention Centre poised to transform into a battleground of sporting prowess, Nigeria’s basketball fans are set to witness history in the making. The deafening roars of support, the pulse-pounding action on the court, and the relentless spirit of Nigeria will undoubtedly make this tournament an unforgettable spectacle.


So, as the sun sets on August 14, 2023, a new chapter begins for Nigerian basketball. The D’Tigers are primed and ready, united in their mission to conquer the challenges ahead and soar to new heights of achievement. With every dribble, every pass, and every slam dunk, these athletes are writing their names in the annals of Nigerian sports history, etching a legacy that will inspire generations to come.


The journey to Paris 2024 begins here, in the heart of Lagos, where dreams take flight and champions emerge.


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