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Knockout Chaos: Five Key Takeaways

In the Knockout Chaos, former two-time world heavyweight champion, Joshua, battled the Cameroonian, who knocked down Fury last October.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 9th March 2024
Knockout Chaos

Anthony Joshua won his fourth straight fight by securing a second-round knockout win over Cameroonian boxer, Francis Ngannou, in the main event of the “Knockout Chaos” card in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 


Joshua, however, silenced the doubters, outboxing Ngannou throughout the two rounds, and he made a statement as he promised with a knockout win within five minutes of their fight.



Here are five key takeaways from Knockout Chaos:


Dominant Performance: Joshua showcased his boxing prowess, controlling the pace of the fight and effectively utilizing his jab to set up powerful right-hand shots. Ngannou, despite his formidable reputation in the UFC, struggled to contend with Joshua’s superior boxing skills, ultimately succumbing to the relentless assault.



Ngannou’s Transition: Ngannou’s transition to professional boxing proved challenging. While he demonstrated power and resilience, particularly in the first round, his lack of experience in the boxing ring became apparent as Joshua systematically dismantled his defense.


Fury’s Presence: Tyson Fury’s ringside presence added an intriguing dimension to the event. His reactions to Joshua’s victory and subsequent comments hinted at a potential future showdown between the two heavyweight giants, fueling speculation and excitement among fans.



Fashion Choices: Both fighters made distinctive fashion statements during their ring walks for Knockout Chaos. Joshua opted for a simple all-white attire, reflecting his focused and business-like approach to the fight. In contrast, Ngannou sported a vibrant pink and white ensemble, accompanied by the upbeat track “God’s Plan” by Drake, showcasing his style and personality.


Post-Fight Reflections: Joshua’s post-fight interviews revealed a mix of emotions. While he expressed satisfaction with his performance, he also acknowledged the challenges he faced in the aftermath of previous losses. His determination to continue improving and his willingness to face any opponent showcased a resilient mindset as he navigates the competitive landscape of the heavyweight division.



After securing consecutive victories in 2023 with wins over Jermaine Franklin in April and Robert Helenius with a seventh-round knockout in August, Joshua, in December, cruised to a fifth-round technical knockout win over Otto Wallin, who had been expected to be a formidable opponent, especially with his southpaw stance.


Joshua has now secured knockout wins over two fighters who took Tyson Fury the distance in Wallin and Ngannou.

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