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Team Nigeria Soars in Style with Actively Black’s Paris Olympic Kits

Team Nigeria athletes head to Paris 2024 in style. Check out their captivating new Olympic kits designed by US sportswear brand Actively Black, praised as some of the best in…

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 4th July 2024

The countdown to the Paris Olympics has begun, and for Nigerian athletes, the anticipation is heightened by the unveiling of their official kits designed by US-based sportswear company Actively Black. 


These kits, lauded as some of the best in recent years, represent a significant milestone not only for aesthetics but also for cultural representation on the global stage.


Founded in 2020 by former basketball player Lanny Smith, Actively Black emerged with a bold vision: to challenge sportswear giants like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. Smith envisioned a brand that not only offered high-performance apparel but also championed social justice and empowered Black communities. This commitment is reflected in Actively Black’s practices.



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The company fosters the talents of Black designers and invests 10% of its sales into organizations supporting social justice, mental health, and physical health initiatives in Black communities across the United States. 


A Brand with a Mission


Actively Black’s dedication to social impact has not come at the expense of financial success. The company, now valued at an estimated $30 million, reportedly generated $5.6 million in revenue last year.


This trajectory highlights the growing demand for brands that align athletic excellence with social responsibility, a trend Actively Black is demonstrably capitalizing on.


A Collaboration Steeped in Significance


The partnership between Actively Black and the Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC) is a testament to this shared commitment. The announcement, made on Actively Black’s Instagram page in April, emphasized the historic nature of the collaboration. “It is an honor as a Black, Diaspora owned brand to be able to represent on the Global stage by outfitting the entire [NOC] delegation for the Opening, Closing, Awards Ceremonies, Olympic Village gear and the competition uniforms for the Track Team,” the post declared. This sentiment was echoed by a New York Times feature celebrating the partnership.


A Fusion of Culture and Performance


The Paris Olympic kits themselves have garnered widespread praise. Actively Black’s bold use of Nigeria’s signature green and white is accentuated with black accents, creating a design that is both culturally vibrant and undeniably stylish. Comfort remains a key priority, with the company emphasizing the “urban feel” of the kits, ensuring peak performance for Nigerian athletes throughout the Games. 



The positive reception is evident in the comments section of a sports journalist post on X, with one user aptly stating, “Honestly the only thing that ends up getting excellently done in Nigeria is designing Nigeria jerseys. See as all of them dey enter eye [See how all of them look good]!”



Adding another layer of excitement, Actively Black has announced a limited-edition Team Nigeria merchandise line available for pre-order on July 2nd. This move capitalizes on the immense national pride Nigerians have for their athletes and their Olympic journey.


A Stylish and Socially Conscious Olympics


With the unveiling of the Paris Olympic kits, Actively Black has set the stage for a Games where Nigerian athletes will not only compete with style but also represent their nation in a way that resonates deeply with its people. 



The collaboration also underscores the growing importance of social responsibility in the sporting world, paving the way for future partnerships that champion both athletic excellence and positive social change. With the Games approaching, anticipation is high to witness Nigerian athletes donning these vibrant and symbolic kits as they strive for glory in Paris.

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