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FIFAe World Cup Expansion to Football Manager: A New Frontier for Esports

FIFAe, the esports division of FIFA, has teamed up with game developer Sports Interactive to launch the inaugural FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 2nd July 2024

The world of esports football is on the cusp of an exciting new chapter. FIFAe, the esports division of FIFA, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with game developer Sports Interactive to launch the inaugural FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager. This highly anticipated tournament, scheduled for August 29th to September 1st, 2024, promises a captivating display of strategic mastery and fierce competition.


With a significant prize pool of $100,000 on the line, the FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager is poised to attract the world’s elite virtual managers. This substantial investment by FIFAe highlights the growing interest in esports football simulation and its potential to become a major player in the competitive gaming landscape.



Wenger’s expertise ignites enthusiasm


Adding a touch of legendary leadership to the tournament is Arsène Wenger, the Chief of Global Football Development at FIFA and a former manager of the iconic Arsenal Football Club. Appointed as the tournament’s ambassador, Wenger brings his vast footballing knowledge and strategic acumen to the table.



In a press release, Wenger emphasized the unique blend of skills required for success in this competition. “This competition requires participants to demonstrate a profound understanding of football strategy and tactics,” he stated. “Success demands not only mastery of game mechanics but also in-depth football knowledge, making this format a fascinating blend.”


Wenger’s presence is expected to generate significant buzz and inspire aspiring virtual managers to hone their skills. His involvement in the tournament announcement video has already sparked excitement among fans and potential participants alike.


Football Manager Seeks Esports Supremacy


Sports Interactive’s Football Manager has long been a cornerstone of football strategy simulation games. For years, fans have enjoyed meticulously crafting their dream teams and navigating the intricate world of football management. However, despite its popularity, Football Manager has yet to fully establish itself in the esports arena.



The FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager aims to change that narrative by offering a structured and competitive pathway for aspiring virtual managers. Selected member associations will be invited to represent their nations in the final event, with invitations based on player eligibility and national participation numbers.


Interested players are encouraged to visit the FIFAe website for detailed information on the qualification process within their respective regions.


FIFAe Expands Its Esports Horizons


Previously, FIFAe primarily focused on electronic football simulations in partnership with Electronic Arts, most notably the FIFAe World Cup featuring the FIFA video game series. Following FIFA’s split from EA, however, FIFAe is actively diversifying its portfolio.


The FIFAe World Cup of Football Manager alongside the recently announced Rocket League competition signal a clear focus on exploring different esports avenues within the broader realm of football-related gaming.

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