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Coco Gauff: Australian Open Victory and the Messages on her Shoes 

Coco Gauff, following her qualification to the Australian Open quarterfinal, has revealed that her shoes are a guiding light for her.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 23rd January 2024

Tennis sensation Coco Gauff not only secured a decisive victory in the Australian Open fourth-round match against Magdalena Frech but also shared the meaningful messages inscribed on her shoes that serve as her guiding light during challenging moments on the court.


After a commanding performance that led to a 6-1, 6-2 triumph over Magdalena Frech, Gauff opened up about the personal messages adorning her footwear. The American tennis prodigy unveiled the profound significance behind the words written on her shoes, offering a glimpse into her family background.



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“A lot of things were written. One is, ‘You can change the world with your racquet.’ Something my dad told me since I was a little girl,” said Gauff.


“It’s an inspiration for why I feel it’s important to speak up about certain issues. Another thing is the coordinates of the park. I grew up in Pompey Park. I grew up playing on public tennis courts in Del Rey Beach, Florida.


“The last thing I have is my little brother’s name on the show. I love you guys. Cameron just won MVP for his football team. So I’m really proud of you, Cam.”



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The words on Gauff’s shoes serve as more than mere adornments; they are a source of motivation and perspective during challenging moments on the court.


“Sometimes when my mom thinks I’m negative when I look down, I’m just looking at my shoe just a reminder that life is much more than tennis.


Coco Gauff’s shoes at the Australian Open


“How I do on the court does not define me as a person. That goes for everyone. Your workplace, whatever you do, doesn’t define you as a person. Just surround yourself with good people. Everything I do on the court is a plus to my life. I have everything I need. This is just all extra,” Gauff explained. 

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