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Galaxy Ring: What You Need to Know About Samsung’s Latest Wearable 

Ahead of its anticipated second-quarter release, here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest wearable: the Galaxy Ring.  

  • Johnson Opeisa
  • 2nd June 2024

As we take on the last leg of 2024 first quarter, one of the exciting technological releases we’re looking forward to in the second quarter is Samsung’s latest and smallest form of wearable device—the Galaxy Ring—built for comfortable 24/7 wear as an “all-new way to simplify everyday wellness.”


The first quarter of the year has been a busy one for tech releases. Groundbreaking products and software like  Open AI’s GPT-4o, Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro, Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs, and TECNO’s Camon 30 Series hit the market. 

While these advancements primarily focus on enhancing productivity and user satisfaction, Samsung’s Galaxy Ring takes a different approach, offering a comprehensive yet simplified understanding of a user’s health, conveniently accessible right on their preferred finger. 


Galaxy Ring in operation. Photo credit: Samsung.


The wearable device was first teased by Samsung at the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event, before Dr. Hon Pak, the company’s Vice President and Head of the Digital Health Team, elaborated on the health and wellness solutions abound in the Galaxy Ring in February.


Galaxy Ring will offer users an all-new way to simplify everyday wellness, empowering them with greater insights and more ways to understand themselves day and night,” Pak said via Samsung’s press


With Galaxy Ring, users can embrace an unrivalled experience during every step of their wellness journey, all while being delivered in lockstep with Samsung’s broader vision for a more connected, integrated and seamless digital wellness platform.


The ring is set to be Samsung’s 18th wearable device, following the invention of SPH-WP10, the world’s the world’s first commercialised watch phone released in 1999.



SPH-WP10, the first-ever Samsung watch-phone, released in 1999. Credit: History and Facts.



Samsung Galaxy Ring: Production, Features and Release Date 


According to a report from Korean publication, TheElec, Samsung had in May begun the production of about 400,000 Galaxy Rings in its first production run, with market response set to determine subsequent productions.


The smart ring comes in three colours: Ceramic Black, Platinum Silver, and Gold, which are available in nine sizes from 5 to 13. 


Wellness and Smart Features 


The Samsung Galaxy Ring provides a wealth of health features during day and night, for an unrivalled experience through every step of users’ wellness journey. These features include monitoring respiratory rate, night movement and sleep latency, vitality score and even monthly cycles.


For its smart features, the wearable device is said to be compatible with Galaxy devices, with no plans to accommodate iOS/Android users. While the Ring battery capacity is set to vary within sizes, reports indicate that battery life will be between five and nine days. 


Release Date


While numerous reports suggest August 2024 as the likely release window for the Galaxy Ring, Samsung has yet to confirm details regarding its launch date or pricing.

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