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She Takes a Peep: Dating on a Budget

In its own right, romance and non-platonic love is not a privilege only reserved for the extremely wealthy. She Takes a Peep addresses dating in a capitalist world.

  • Chiamaka Ejindu
  • 7th May 2023

Judging from most dating guides and many other ill-informed sources on media platforms, you would firmly believe that it is impossible to be romantic without being a millionaire. The most popular romantic gestures are usually extravagant in nature, leading many to believe that there can not be one without the other. However at the crux of emotional entanglements, we need romance and special activities to feel that we are yearned for by our person, regardless of the size of the person’s pocket. Despite an abject refusal to acknowledge its very existence caused by non-realistic societal ideals, She Takes a Peep breaks down dating on a budget. Here, we rank three different, incredibly cost-efficient ways to make our partners feel like stars. And much more importantly, like our stars.


Acknowledge the reality


The first cost-efficient way to date on a budget is to concede the fact that you do not have a bulky capital to work with. It is important to be realistic about personal capabilities and internalize the fact that not every romantic venture is available to you. Often, doing the little you can means giving your partner the smallest amount of money you have to do something nice for themselves. This also means that you may not be able to see or be with them physically. If you have a spare five thousand naira not sucked into your responsibilities or as money freely given to you, ask your partner if they would like to get their hair done and then send the small cash. While it may not be an extravagant date, your partner will know that you are thinking of them and their well-being even when you are too cash strapped to meet them up in the flesh. This will boost their confidence and have you on their mind for a long time.


Maximize your personal talents


You are going to just have to get good at this DIY (do-it-yourself) thing if you really want to get into being romantic on a budget. People make fun of “thirty ways to tell you I love you” very often, but it really does the trick. Buy some fabric or cardboard at the market and get creative. Make them a small album with taped up photos of your favorite pictures of them. Buy some materials to bake a small cake and use the internet to guide you. Bento cakes are all the rave now, which means that mini cakes in a plastic box can be easily put together for a low-cost price. If your friend is a chef, you can ask them to make you a small lunch to go along. You can also ask a party-planner if they have any favors to give out, maybe from a big party that had excess materials. It is important to make double the effort here for good results.


Acts of service


Let us face it, this is one very ignored love language, as a result of people being too prideful. A great way to offer cost effective romance to your partner is to help them with small tasks. For example, if your partner is in school and they have difficulty with their project, give them assistance with it. Ask people you know who have studied the same course for any tips or resources that could be available. If your partner goes to the gym often, massage their back, legs and other muscles that may be strained. Offer to arrange their room on a day that may be too busy. If they own a business, go with them to gigs and make sure everything goes smoothly.


Date a kind and receptive partner


In all of this, the person whom you choose to partner with can make or break dating on a budget. Try to find someone who has realistic ideals and a background that shifts in with your mindset. As long as they are aware that you willingly make efforts for them even with the little you have, they will understand that the only barrier blocking those bigger displays is money.  

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