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The Pick: Amaarae Brews Sensuality with Savagery on “jehovah witness”

Our song of the week!

  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 3rd July 2024

Amaarae continues to morph into a sui generis phenomenon within the contemporary soundscape. Her music is a masterclass in polystylistic fusion, wielding hypnotic rhythms laced with diaphanous textures reminiscent of dream pop. This experimentation continues on  roses are red, tears are blue — A Fountain Baby Extended Play,  her latest release,  where she shares an experience as luxurious as it is subdued.  While the energy of her previous work may be dialed back,  “jehovah witness”  tells that Amaarae hasn’t lost her penchant for  sonic subversion. 


The song opens with a deceptively simple synth pad, laying the foundation for Amaarae’s sylphlike voice to soar.  Here, her lithe vocals are on full display, twisting and contorting into  sensuous shapes that weave a spell over the listener. The melody itself is playful, hinting at a  pop  sensibility that’s constantly subverted by unexpected  chromatic  movements. This push-and-pull between familiarity and dissonance is a hallmark of Amaarae’s sound. As the track progresses, the beat kicks in, a tight rhythmic section that lays down the foundation for Amaarae’s unrelenting turbo-charged rhymes.


On the track, Amaarae brews sensuality with savagery. She electrifies, spitting out sexually explicit puns with a finesse that belies the song’s seemingly devotional title: “Rise till the kitty’s on top / Knock on the pussy like ko-ko-ko. But amidst the debauchery and savagery, she invokes divine protection (Jehovah dey cover me / I’m on top oh, normally). These juxtapositions create an exciting clash between the carnal and the celestial. And Amaarae executes these transitions with a surgical precision. 


“jehovah witness” is pumped with a dose of hip-hop  swagger, yet the song remains slinky and sultry, just like everything Amaarae does.


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