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The Pick: Victony Prepares to Risk it All on “Risk”

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  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 26th June 2024
The Pick: Victony Prepares to Risk it All on “Risk”

It’s hard not to root for Victony, the talent whose work on Mayorkun’s 2021 single “Holy Father” strengthened the song into becoming the song of the summer. The 23-year-old, born Anthony Ebuka Victor, is unshakably positive, disallowing a traumatic accident and a disability from putting a damper on his burning talent and a halt on his career. He grew up in the erstwhile sleepy Iyana Iba, a slow place where much doesn’t happen. Despite these Victony has been able to rise into one of the most promising acts in the Nigerian music industry and his debut album is Victony telling you himself that he is a conqueror. 


Stubborn  accommodates many exceptional tracks, with “Risk” being a particularly noteworthy exemplar. Trap beats form the foundation of the track, overlaid with crisp hi-hats that nod towards contemporary hip-hop. House influences seep in through filtered chords and a steady kick drum, creating a groove that’s impossible to resist. Yet, “Risk” never strays far from its Afrobeats roots.

The percussion patterns and Victony’s smooth vocals ensure it remains firmly anchored in the genre. The chorus, a fast-paced call-and-response with “
Risk, risk, risk…,” gives it a heady bounce that settles in quite well in the airy cloud-rap dream in which Victony sounds buoyant even as he maneuvers a lower register.


Victony approaches everything concerning his music — his art — with earnest devotion. He knows what it’s cost him to get there and it fuels his desire to always put out quality work. His professional ethos is rooted in a steadfast refusal to compromise on his artistic intentionality.

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