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Victony: The Year of the Outlaw

2023 could prove to be a special one for the Outlaw King, and I’m personally excited to see how it unfolds.

  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 13th January 2023

My line of work gives me the opportunity to meet the possible next-best things in the music industry. Sometimes, you hear about an artist but are not just moved enough to press play on their music. This happens quite often even as a casual listener, and it would take a good song recommendation or a unique experience to open your mind to something that was always there.


The news of Victony’s near-fatal accident was the most invested I had been in anything concerning him up to that point. I had heard of his potential and the effect he was starting to have on other people as an artist, and even from a human point of view, I hoped he would grow stronger than that moment. Fast forward to the NATIV5 concert in April 2022 and Victony was one of the acts scheduled for the evening. Although still in a rehabilitation phase from the accident, he rolled out on stage in his wheelchair and proceeded to deliver a moving performance of “Holy Father”. That performance planted a seed in my mind which would only germinate several months later.


His performance that night made me feel something. This feeling is an important element Victony uses to craft his music, as he revealed in an interview with OkayAfrica circa 2022. “My music is [also] emotional because one thing my fans have with me is that connection,” he says. “Even if you can’t hear what I’m saying, the melodies or choice of chords will put you in your feelings. It’s really not a choice, it just happens. My whole process is about making people feel what I’m feeling.”


A month after his set at NATIV5, he released Outlaw to great reception. Victony finds a balance between sober and upbeat moods, finding ways to relay even the most serious emotions into playful songwriting. His unassuming persona does well to mask his deft penmanship and execution that can turn eureka moments in the studio into worthy charting records. He started off as an overlooked rapper but turned himself into one of the cornerstones of the new era of Afrobeats, and did this against considerable odds.



You could say that this is what it means to be an Outlaw. While the music sells as a product, it is because Victony has shown that it is possible to create a lane for yourself where there was previously none. On a personal note, he inspires me to believe that if I continue to create quality, people similar to me would gravitate to what I create. He inspires me to live by design. Just like his alter ego, Tredax, I could create a world where things make sense for me. I could create my own Outlawville.


I opted to join his world on 20th December 2022 for the first Outlawville show. The premises at La Madison Place, Oniru, Lagos were littered with young people who were either occupied with the side attractions or simply waiting with their friends for the show to start. The cardboard cut-outs of Tredax and other Outlawville characters ushered you into their world for the night as the combination of artificial clouds and blue lighting served as a make-believe sky. The ambiance was tight, the music was right, and the anticipation in the room was so intense that you could cut through it with a knife.


After some conversations with a few other fans, I learned how important Saturn was for Victony’s evolution. It wasn’t the most successful project, but it meant something to people; maybe in the same way that the “Holy Father” performance meant something to me. He blends singing over trap-leaning beats, finding new pockets in which his melodies can sit. On Saturn he was a diamond in the rough, but records like “Space and Time” and “87 Club” were good indications that he was on the right path.

Victony Outlaw Afrobeats Nigeria Blaqbonez ODUMODUBLVCK YKB Lojay


The screens in the hall lit up with a video detailing Victony’s rise to this point. With the attention of the audience hooked to the story being told on the screen, he came out clad in a black robe that concealed his garments and was led by others who were dressed the same. He was met with a large scream as he revealed himself to his fans, before immediately thrusting us into the world of the Outlaw. He sang and danced with all his friends and guest acts, as AV, Blaqbonez, ODUMODUBLVCK, YKB, Lojay, amongst others, came on stage.


After the show drew to a close, you could see the satisfaction on the faces of those who came. The concert ended but the year of the Outlaw had just begun. Watching him on stage had me thankful for life — his, mine, and everyone else’s in the room that night. 2023 could prove to be a special one for the Outlaw King, and I’m personally excited to see how it unfolds.

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