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Israel Adesanya headline Top 5-star fighters in EA Sports UFC 5

Nigerian-born Kiwi fighter, Israel Adesanya is amongst the highest-rated fighters in the latest edition of EA Sports UFC.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 29th November 2023

Undoubtedly, EA Sports UFC 5 stands out as one of the top combat sports video games of 2023. With substantial enhancements from its predecessor, the game, which globally launched on October 7, introduces the powerful Frostbite engine, a staple in various EA titles such as FC 24 and the Madden series.


UFC 5 brings an array of exciting features for fans, offering the opportunity to command their favorite fighters in the Octagon, engaging in battles for supremacy and ultimate bragging rights.



Notably, the game unveils a list of the highest-rated fighters, with exceptional contenders claiming top positions. Renowned Nigerian-born Kiwi fighter Israel Adesanya, the cover star of UFC 5 deluxe edition, emerges as a 5-star skill fighter, solidifying his status as one of the best pound-for-pound athletes in the UFC’s middleweight division.


Israel Adesanya


EA Sports UFC 5 achieves the elusive balance between sports simulation and thrilling fighting gameplay, setting a new standard for MMA games. By skillfully blending realism with excitement, it offers a more lifelike experience than its predecessors. The game’s impressive damage system elevates the intensity of every strike, making matches more thrilling, risky, and ultimately rewarding for players.



UFC 5 features an expansive roster of exciting fighters, from boxing superstars Muhammad Ali, and Mike Tyson, to MMA greats like Fedor Emelianenko. Hollywood martial arts legend Bruce Lee, has also been included as a playable character.


The full list of 5-star fighters in UFC 5 can be found on EA’s official site.

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