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The Global Rise of Afrobeats: Music’s Starring Role in the World of Sports

In just one year, Afrobeats has emerged as a global phenomenon, firmly establishing its presence in the world of sports.

  • Toyosi Afolayan
  • 2nd November 2023

Over the past year, Afrobeats has rapidly gained popularity on the world stage, particularly in sports. In a remarkable convergence of culture and entertainment, Afrobeats has become the anthem of choice for athletes, fans, and major sporting events. Here’s a captivating look at how Afrobeats has surged to prominence in the world of sports.


2023 NBA All-Star Game: Burna Boy, Tems, and Rema Light Up the Halftime Show


The 2023 NBA All-Star game showcased not only elite basketball talent but also the electrifying performances of three Nigerian artistsβ€”Burna Boy, Tems, and Rema. On the grand halftime stage, these musicians delivered an Afrobeats-themed performance that captivated the audience.



Their rhythms and melodies brought an undeniable African flair to the heart of the NBA, demonstrating the global appeal of Afrobeats.


FIFA World Cup 2022: Davido’s ‘Hayya Hayya’ Unites the World


During the final match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Nigerian superstar Davido joined forces with Aisha and Trinidad Cardona to perform ‘Hayya Hayya’ (Better Together), the official soundtrack’s first single.



This powerful blend of Nigerian and international talent not only showcased Afrobeats on a global stage but also promoted unity and togetherness, making the track a rallying cry for fans worldwide.


UEFA Champions League Final: Burna Boy’s Pulsating Pre-Match Performance


The UEFA Champions League final between Inter Milan and Manchester City witnessed an exhilarating pre-match performance by Grammy-award-winning singer, Burna Boy. His Afrobeat melodies, including the chart-topping ‘Last Last,’ set the stage on fire and energized the crowd before the epic showdown.



Burna Boy’s performance underlined the ability of Afrobeats to transcend borders and excite football fans worldwide.


2023 Ballon d’Or Awards: Rema’s Electrifying Performance


Afrobeats sensation Rema took the stage at the 2023 Ballon d’Or Awards held in Paris, France. With his talent and incredible stage presence, Rema mesmerized the audience. His performance showcased the fusion of music and sports at the highest level, marking Afrobeats’ journey into the world of international football and sports awards.



Declan Rice’s Arsenal Unveiling: The Sound of Odumodublvck


When Arsenal Football Club unveiled their new signing, Declan Rice, they did so with the musical accompaniment of Nigerian rapper Odumodublvck’s hit song, “Declan Rice.”



This choice of song demonstrated the growing influence of Afrobeats in football culture, with players and clubs embracing the genre as a backdrop to significant moments.


Eduardo Caicedo’s Chelsea Arrival: The Vibes of Pheelz and BNXN


In the unveiling video of Chelsea’s new player, Eduardo Caicedo, the background music was a viral song by Nigerian artistes Pheelz and BNXN, titled ‘Finesse.’ This musical choice emphasized the universal appeal of Afrobeats, transcending geographical boundaries and permeating every facet of the football world.



2022 World Cup Fans Festival: Kizz Daniel Takes the Stage


Afro-pop superstar Kizz Daniel graced the 2022 World Cup Fans Festival in Qatar, leaving the crowd in awe. With his chart-topping single ‘Cough,’ Kizz Daniel opened his euphoric performance as part of the FIFA Sound lineup. The inclusion of his performance in this international sports event highlighted the infectious rhythm and energy of Afrobeats.



In just one year, Afrobeats has emerged as a global phenomenon, firmly establishing its presence in the world of sports. This electrifying genre is no longer confined to its West African roots but has become the soundtrack of choice for athletes, fans, and sports enthusiasts across the globe.

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