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5 Essential Tech Tools to Boost Your Productivity in H2 2024

Here are five carefully curated tech tools to help you significantly boost your productivity in the second half of 2024.

  • Johnson Opeisa
  • 5th July 2024

Maintaining a productive streak as we’re settling into the second half of 2024 can be challenging amid an array of ever-increasing tasks and responsibilities.  However, with the right tech tools, you can tick off spilt-over projects in no time, streamline your workflow, enhance your efficiency, and hit your personal or work-related targets.


Only a few things are better than that feeling—the self-accomplished feeling that stems from getting things done effectively and promptly. How often did you get that feeling in the first half of the year? Regardless of how it went down in that half, this half presents itself as an opportunity to do better, and the right tools at your disposal might just be all the difference you need.


Below are five essential tech tools that can help you boost your productivity in the second half of 2024.




More often than not, working on different tasks is bound to split your concentration because you’re being pulled in many directions. And since you’ll have a harder time avoiding multitasking than coming to terms with it, using Clockify while you’re at it is one of your best options.


Clockify is a time-tracking software that offers different solutions that cut across reporting, management and time-keeping for teams and individuals via mobile devices, computers and browser extensions. Although it has stages of subscriptions, most of the features you need to stay productive are available for indefinite free usage!




Have you ever thought of a brain extension you can readily access? That’s kind of what Evernote brings to the table. The note-taking and organising app does more than store written content, as it also thrives with saving photos, audio and web content for immediate accessibility upon request. 


Additionally, Evernote automatically syncs across all your devices so you can access your stored information anytime, anywhere even while offline.


Spark Mail


It doesn’t take a seer to see that you currently have more than three email addresses scattered across your devices as you’re juggling your personal, professional and possibly academic life. Having your emails synched and your important messages prioritised will undoubtedly be an invaluable development, so why not try Spark Mail?


This AI-powered mail platform can also assist you in writing, rephrasing, correcting grammar, adjusting tone, and summarising emails alongside an integration feature that supports connections with other work-related apps like Trello, Evernote and Asana.


Claude AI


People who leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for productivity in this age and time are more likely to take your job than AI on its own. Rigidity can only take you far especially when you have generative AIs like Claude AI that can significantly boost your productivity with the right prompts.


Claude AI possibilities are endless, underscoring the need to leverage its versatility for optimal productivity.


Be Focused


Utilising a handful of productivity tools without a disciplined and focused mind is no different than sweeping with a broomstick. In the same vein, getting things done effectively and promptly requires hours of focus that can spiral into burnout. To keep your concentration sharp and prevent fatigue, consider adding Be Focused to your arsenal.


Be Focused is designed to help you stay focused on your tasks by breaking your work into intervals (typically 25 minutes of focused work followed by a 5-minute break) in a bid to maintain concentration and productivity while preventing burnout. The app also allows you to customise your work and break intervals, track your progress, and analyse your productivity.

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