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Symphony: TikTok’s New AI-Powered Suite a Game Changer for Creators

It’s a new dawn for creators on TikTok, with the announcement of Symphony—an AI-powered comprehensive suite that enhances content creation from A-Z.

  • Johnson Opeisa
  • 20th June 2024
Symphony- TikTok’s New AI-Powered Suite a Game Changer for Creators

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to weave its way deeper into our everyday lives due to the revolutionary advancements from various technological, digital and media service providers. The latest addition to this growing list of impressive AI-backed advancements is TikTok’s Symphony–a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance creative ideations on the social media platform.


In line with SEMrush’s “Social Media Trends Report 2024’’ which predicts a new dawn for content creators on the video-centric media platform, TikTok’s Symphony is equipped with four major features that aim to break creative boundaries.


In a blog post on Tuesday, TikTok introduced its new AI-backed features, which are designed to transform complex imaginations into creations with the necessary prompts. These updates add more substance to Bounce’s earlier report on how AI should be leveraged in the creative industry.


Curious about TikTok’s approach? The next section breaks it down.


TikTok’s Symphony Creators–Centred Features 


Symphony Creative Studio


Although it’s still in beta for limited users, the Symphony Creative Studio is an AI-driven video-production tool that generates fit-for-TikTok videos from provided assets. Beyond shouldering the bulk of the video creation process, this feature can also translate voiceovers into multiple languages, as seen here


Though human imagination and ideation wouldn’t be compromised in any way, TikTok’s report says “all videos created using Symphony Creative Studio will be automatically labelled as AI-generated for full transparency.”


Symphony Assistant Plus Adobe Express


As an update to its Creative Assistant launched earlier in February,  the Symphony Assistant is set to be TikTok’s new AI-powered virtual creative aid that can be prompted to provide research trends, brainstorm innovative ideas, write or improve scripts and even teach creative processes peculiar to TikTok across nine languages that include English, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Thai, Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, and Chinese.


Additionally, the Symphony Assistant is integrated with Adobe Express to provide over 1M songs and sounds from its Commercial Music Library (CML) for creators to soundtrack their TikTok content and create at scale.


Symphony Digital Avatars


The Digital Avatars–Stock and Custom–in short, is Tiktok’s idea of assisting creators to make their content more immersive and intriguing.  Stock avatars present a handful of commercially licensed pre-cast digital avatars all coined from actors’ video footage, while custom avatars empower creators to create from their preferred likeness.


According to TikTok, both avatars can be prompted to execute commands in the creators’ preferred language and accents.


Ads Manager


After investing effort into bringing creative ideas to fruition, every creator aims to ensure their content reaches the right audience, often through advertisement. To streamline the processes involved in promoting campaigns on TikTok Ads Manager, Symphony’s creative features have been integrated to perform automated tasks that revolve around diagnosing, fixing, automation and generating relevant content needs.


Lastly, AI-enhanced carousel images and display cards are now part of the updated Ads Manager workflow, as it aims to make ad creation more efficient and effective.


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