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Actor of The Month of March: Daniel Etim-Effiong

Daniel Etim-Effiong gave one of his best performances in his recent role as Brume in Walter Taylaur’s “Jolly Roger”.

  • Fancy Goodman
  • 3rd April 2023
Daniel Etim Effiong


Nollywood is blessed with a number of actors, but the truth is that some actors stand out from the rest. One of these outstanding actors is Daniel Etim-Effiong who has featured in films such as  Blood Sisters (2022), Still Falling(2021), Plan B(2019), and New Money (2018). However, one of his best performances so far is his recent role as Brume in Walter Taylaur’s  Jolly Roger


Among the other  Nollywood films released this March, his performance stands out because of the authenticity that he brings to his character. Jolly Roger  follows the story of Brume, who is harassed by two police officers, but later gets the upper hand when he captures them. It also tells the story of Brume and his wife, Najite (Toni Tones), and their struggle to conceive a child. It tells a story of love, betrayal and police brutality. 


Etim-Effiong is our pick of the month of March because all his emotions are properly portrayed while playing Brume in the film. In the beginning of the film, he acts naive; as though he has nothing up his sleeves. He is able to mislead us with his actions, which is why we are surprised halfway through the film when we see that he is not as innocent as we think he is. Another emotion he portrays well is love, shown in his relationship with his wife Najite. We get to experience a more vulnerable side of the character when he meets Najite and falls in love with her. He expresses deep affection for her, which contrasts the disgust and repulsiveness he has for the police officers. Also, we see another side of him when he is upset and angry after Najite tells him that she had an affair. 



The emotions that Etim-Effiong portrays the best in the film, however, are bitterness and sorrow.  We sit helplessly and watch as he keeps crying over and over when watching videos of his wife, until we begin to empathise with him. We feel his frustration and anger with the police for what they have done to his wife. For this reason, the actor deserves his flowers. A good actor makes us feel, and he did exactly that in Jolly Roger. Aided by the character arc which is brilliantly written,and the costume and makeup, his character shines throughout the film.


It is also noteworthy to make mention of other actors in the film such as Toni Tones, who  also put out a good performance. Her frustration with being unable to bear a child was felt throughout the film.  Frank Donga, who is known to play comic characters in many other films, also impressed us by showing how versatile he is. His role in Jolly Roger  is far from comic, as he plays one of the corrupt police officers. He is miserable almost throughout the film, which also makes us appreciate his showmanship even more. 


Needless to say, Daniel Etim-Effiong is the one who steals our hearts in the film, and we can’t wait to see him more in his future projects.


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