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The Pick: Wande Coal and Olamide Roll Back The Years With “Kpe Paso”

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  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 8th February 2023
The Pick: Wande Coal & Olamide - Kpe Paso

Wande Coal’s post-peak career has been plagued with several layers of discourse about his status on Nigeria’s music scene. He is (quite obviously) a legendary artist, but somehow it seems to have gone over some people’s heads. Or maybe they intentionally gloss over his important impact and focus on irrelevancies. This discourse was the inspiration for the title of his new album coming in March, titled Legend or No Legend. Wande Coal coupled the album announcement with the new single “Kpe Paso”, as well as accompanying visuals with YBNL boss, Olamide.


It is only right that Wande tapped up his friend and long-time collaborator for a special record. Their synergy, as well as their swag, was evident throughout the record. It feels like a renaissance performance from WC and Badoo that’s reminiscent of their time as two of the frontrunners of Nigeria’s music scene. Even though they are seemingly past their peak, their expertise at crafting hit records shines through. Sometimes old dogs don’t need new tricks.


Kel-P’s production serves as the backdrop for this record. A collection of subtle kicks set the tone for the record’s bounce. Olamide rides it expertly, delivering his chorus in a laidback fashion. On the other hand, Wande Coal was anything but. He came on the record sounding like he has something to prove. He starts off easy but turns up the heat in the second verse and by then you’d have lost count of how many times you bumped your head.


Old Soldier Inc. was given the mantle to direct the video. Set in what looks like pre-colonial Yorubaland, the extras were draped in spiffy threads and beautiful makeup. As expected, Wande and Olamide were the main attraction in a concert that ties to the song’s renaissance theme. All the props, like the old-school mic, 80s styling, and even old Naira notes from the 2000s gave the video a lovely flavour.


In my opinion, Wande Coal does not have anything to prove to anyone. However, a quality project will silence critics and naysayers. Does he have it in him to run it back once again? We will find out in due time.


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