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Big Holidays, Capitalism and its effect on the Human Connection

Capitalism has an unflinching resolve to destroy even the purest of life’s small blessings. It is important as people to be more observant about the ways in which we let…

  • Chiamaka Ejindu
  • 20th February 2023

One feature that is unflinching about capitalism is the system’s dedication to rearing its ugly, blood-sucking head into any enjoyable activity or generalized holiday that society deems fit to participate in. Capitalism is bound to take up space wherever spending money is involved, important holidays that celebrate human connection not left out of the equation. Unfortunately, people often lose sight of what really matters when capitalism and the need to spend money for a particular ‘special day’ becomes a social norm. While so many people may interpret Valentine’s Day as being the biggest culprit in this situation, Christmas and the New Year Holiday more than likely are. This is because there are several mini holidays leading up to that one big occasion, so even more instances for money to be spent.


As far as we know, the origination of hectic sales and increased financial gain on products during special holidays did not start with our generation. More than likely, the capitalist system figured out there was a core need for financial gain and that these gains would be best achieved during celebratory periods, when people gathered with joy and were more likely to be generous in their spending. Soon, there were ideas of core gifts to commodify certain celebrations, make people who refused to celebrate feel alienated and then ensure that society became dependent on these celebrations for centuries to come. The activities that are carried out by most during said traditions become even more important (to people) and the actual reason for the holiday loses its charm year by year. Soon, people find themselves going through the motions of set routines each holiday. Lackluster buying of gifts for the day, shopping mall sales and yet, not finding any real joy in their lives or their loved ones.


Capitalism teaches each and every single one of us that people are not worthy of love, touch and compassion if they do not have money to spend on the day. Holidays were meant to improve the human connection and give people a time to rest, not become an avenue for greedy business owners to fill their pockets each year. Even now, many people still have to work during time-off even when they are non-essential workers. The system of capitalism also prioritizes human greed by ensuring the workers who work under holidays are paid less or given little to no over-time. It is important to be very reflective of how we spend money during festive periods and appreciate the gifts we receive even when they are not extravagant. If you own a business and employ people, reward them during celebratory seasons and remind them that they are people, before workers. Rather than making things out to be all centered around profits, take some time to breathe once in a while and take in life for what it is, rather than for what we desperately wish it to be.

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