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She Takes a Peep: Sexual Content Leaks and How to Handle it

She Takes a Peep covers the undue violence of sexual content leaks, social culture surrounding the crime and why it is often not regarded with the levity it possesses.

  • Chiamaka Ejindu
  • 28th April 2023

Sexual content leaks are forms of media and other visual materials garnered without the consent of the person(s) involved in the creation. These leaks are often mass-marketed and shared despite being a sexual crime. While copyright may protect to some extent, they usually do not cover all bases. While sexual content leaks may be aplenty, there are sexual videos posted on the Internet that come with full consent of the persons or people involved. One of such identifiers is the account that has posted the content. If it comes from a creators account, it is most likely legit. They will have links attached for tips and longer videos as well. Sexual content that comes from general accounts with the creators tagged does not qualify as a content leak. These are usually for the purpose of promotion and reaching a wider audience. Now we have defined some markers of content that has been posted with the creators’ knowledge, let us delve in to content leaks.


Very often, content leaks are shared widely, leading people to re-share or save the media without thinking of the origination. As a user, first things first would be rightfully identifying the leak. Depending on which application or social media the leak is on, there will be rules concerning the removal of such videos. While not all platforms are protective of sexual content creators, it does not hurt as a user to at least try. First of all, go to the settings of the content leak. Then, report the content as a copyright or sexual violation. Some websites will ask you a few more questions or to include even more evidence. When you have reported the content and it has been taken off your feed, it is very important to block accounts that share and repost such content with a frequency. These accounts may have a high following and make lots of money off stealing the content of various creators. Many creators may have tried to get these sites and pages taken off, but as a result of their popularity, they quickly regain their pages even after they are taken out.


The best thing to do in such cases and the best way to support creators is to directly subscribe to their pages, social media or links to websites where their content can be purchased directly. Amplify sexual content creators regularly, support their content and fund them if the resources are available. If not, desist from contributing to their exploitation by platforming the people who seek to steal from them and benefit financially from their hard work.

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