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Style Meets Comfort: Why Jorts Are Here To Stay

Say goodbye to hot pants and hello to jorts! In 2024, it’s all about wider, more comfortable styles for everyone.

  • Ebube Okereke
  • 4th July 2024

Farewell, hot pants; welcome, jorts! That’s the 2024 anthem. The girls are declaring: the wider, the better.


The End Of Skinny Jeans


The horcrux known as skinny jeans is finally meeting its end, with past lovers subtly delivering the final blows. I’m thrilled people are realizing that wearing skinny jeans is one of the most uncomfortable and unappealing choices ever. The trend is shifting towards jorts, embracing a more comfortable and stylish option. For as long as I can remember, skinny jeans have held people in a chokehold. Whether styled with a low waist, a super-high waist, or a rolled-up leg, they were a staple until baggy jeans came into the picture. 


While bum shorts keep their momentum, jorts are making a strong comeback as the go-to trend in shorts. Sitting between jeans and shorts (you know, ‘jorts’ is a pretty intellectual mash-up), they hit above the knee, giving a unique twist to shorts-wear. 


People fell in love with the joy of a wide waistband and the ease of relaxed silhouettes. It’s no surprise that we’re now opting for relaxed cuts in both long pants and jean shorts. This year, super-baggy and low-waist styles are stealing the spotlight, sending those tight, hot pants packing.




Gender-Fluid Fashion: Jorts Leading the Way


These shorts are all about that wide cut and length. The perfect jorts should hit at least the knees and stay just as wide at the hem as they are at the top. The fabric doesn’t matter much. It could be cargo, classic denim, or even suit shorts. The main thing is they’re very stylish, fit wide and comfy.


With the way the world is evolving, gender-fluid options make it better and make people more comfortable as they stop people from being identified as someone they may not be. With their oversized shape, spacious pockets, and endless styling possibilities, jorts are a standout in gender-fluid fashion. They can be worn by anyone, adapting effortlessly to different body types and creating unique proportions and contrasts when paired with various outfits.


Jorts are totally trending for two major reasons. First, thanks to Gen Z blowing up Y2K everywhere, TikTok, Instagram, and high fashion are all about it. Second, there’s a big demand for functional workwear and jorts are right in the spotlight.


Plus, let’s face it, jorts are comfy and reassuring. They give your legs room to breathe without needing to hit the gym for hours. No need to squat like you’re lifting a cow just to enjoy that snug hem on your beefy thighs. Plus, thanks to the DIY craze, you can even craft your own pair. Just make sure you’re not using kitchen scissors for a hack job. Pick up a pair of your old jeans that you’re tired of, pick a length and get to cutting.


Jorts are basically the cooler, more spacious little sis of your favorite jeans, what’s not to love?


Jorts in High Fashion



Like her senior brother, baggy jeans, jorts are incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into casual, everyday looks as well as more formal settings when accessorized correctly. For a chic and polished look, embrace the Y2K vibe by pairing baggy jorts with tight tube tops and brightly colored sneakers, or opt for a bold double denim pairing


Jorts are also making waves on the runway. From Gucci to Max Mara, Coach, Givenchy, and many others, these versatile shorts are stealing the spotlight. Designers and fashion icons are exploring endless ways to rock them, from edgy streetwear to sophisticated looks.







Here are 5 ways to rock your jorts:



  • Sporting a baby tee, jorts, stylish sneakers, and a hat is a killer combo. For that effortlessly cool vibe, let your boxers peek above the waistband just like the cool alte kids are doing it now.


How to Style Jorts






  • Wearing an oversized graphic tee with your jorts, paired with socks and matching Birkenstock Bostons, is always a laid-back and cool way to drip in your jorts.



How tO sTYLE jorts




  • Pairing loafers with snapbacks, a white crewneck under a jacket, is always a quick fix. You can swap the jacket for an oversized blazer to change up the look.







  • A cute minimal tee, paired with any color of jorts and girly footwear, effortlessly achieves that trendy, mature, and clean girl look.







  • The simplest and easiest look to throw together with jorts is a jersey of your choice, paired with sneakers. Voilà, you’re ready to go!



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