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The Pick: YKB Serenades His Lover On “Bo Card”

Our song of the week.

  • Clarence Mac Ebong
  • 15th March 2023
YKB's "Bo Card"

YKB is one artist that makes an impression on you — a positive one. Although he’s known mostly as a musician, he’s someone who takes the business of art seriously. He wears, breathes, and speaks about art like the sacred phenomenon it is. Transitioning from design to photography and now music, YKB has internalized the importance of intentionality in his work. This makes him able to smoothly relay delicate feelings in digestible ways, adding an element of relatability to his already stunning execution.


This is the story of his latest single, titled “Bo Card”. YKB is building a reputation for wielding a deft touch when it comes to his songwriting. He admitted that he wrote “San Siro, his breakout single, because of a girl who loves good songwriting. That element of love and romance as a muse for his creativity is evident throughout his discography and reveals itself once again on “Bo Card”.



YKB opens up to his love interest, wearing his heart on his sleeve through the record’s 3-minute duration. His voice is magnetic, but it helps that the song’s production serves as a foundation on which he could land properly. If SPAXXX’s production were a shoe, YKB’s voice laces it up nice, tight, and thoroughly — the two elements are inseparable from each other. And no, it would not be easy for just anyone to replicate what YKB did on this song.


YKB’s music style is exciting, and his rise is a good sight to behold. As if “San Siro” was not enough, I was lucky to witness him grace the stage at Victony’s Outlawville show in December. Hopefully, it’s not going to take too long to see YKB do his thing on a big platform on his own terms. From my point of view, we are witnessing a new flower bloom with the “Bo Card” singer.

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