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Dunnie Catches Up with New EP, ‘Anomaly’

The EP’s title, Anomaly, is fitting. Dunnie defies the status quo that prevails in an industry dominated by the usual suspects — men.

  • Melony Akpoghene
  • 25th October 2023
Dunnie EP, ‘Anomaly’

Afro-fusion artist and producer, Dunnie, has dropped a new EP dubbed Anomaly. This project arrives as a promising step forward in her career.


Anomaly has already begun to thrill audiences thanks to standout tracks like “Already Won,” “More,” and the hit track “DND.’’



But, Dunnie introduces fresh melodies in the form of “Aljahna,” “Obsessed,” “Jalo,” “Tempting,” and “Stamina.” On this project, the artist delivers a collection of songs that are both accessible and emotionally resonant.


The EP’s title, Anomaly, is fitting. Dunnie’s inspiration is drawn from her life experiences. She defies the status quo that prevails in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by the usual suspects — men. Hence, Anomaly is proof of her refusal to conform to conventional boundaries. As Dunnie succinctly puts it, “I’ve never considered myself to be normal. The songs on this project will let you into different sides of me – the emotional and sensitive side, the strong Amazonian side, the spiritual and conscious side, and the nonchalant side. I hope this project entertains, but most importantly, I hope it inspires.”


“Aljahna” explores the pursuit of inner peace in a world filled with distractions. She reminds us of the importance of love, joy, and peace amidst the chaos of today’s fast-paced world. “Jalo” discusses the power of love and meaningful connections


“Stamina,” a resounding anthem of resilience, reflects Dunnie’s unwavering determination as an independent female artist in Nigeria’s music industry.


Anomaly is a commendable addition to Dunnie’s discography. It stands as clear evidence of her dedication towards ascending to the top, and her journey is one worth following closely.



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